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Wayne Raney -- "Adam, Come And Get Your Rib"
Wayne Raney -- "Don't You Think It's Time?"
Wayne Raney -- "The Garden Where Mother Prayed"
Wayne Raney -- "Gathering In The Sky"
Wayne Raney -- "He Is Both God And Man"
Wayne Raney -- "I Need The Prayers"
Wayne Raney -- "I'll Be Listening"
Wayne Raney -- "Jesus Has Saved My Soul"
Wayne Raney -- "Lilac Bouquet"
Wayne Raney -- "Over The Rolling Sea"
Wayne Raney -- "Shadow Of The Cross"
Wayne Raney -- "Wayward Drunkard"
Wayne Raney -- "We Are Going Down The Valley"
Wayne Raney -- "We Need A Lot More Of Jesus (And A Lot Less Rock 'N Roll)"
Wayne Raney -- "When Heaven Comes Down"
Wayne Raney -- "Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies"
Wayne Raney -- "Wrath Of God"

The Rarely Herd -- "Amazing Grace"
The Rarely Herd -- "Come And Dine"
The Rarely Herd -- "Don't Lay Down the Sword"
The Rarely Herd -- "Drivin' Nails"
The Rarely Herd -- "Every Knee Shall Bow"
The Rarely Herd -- "Feed My Sheep"
The Rarely Herd -- "Fields Of Harvest"
The Rarely Herd -- "Go Tell John"
The Rarely Herd -- "God's Own Light"
The Rarely Herd -- "Gone Long Gone"
The Rarely Herd -- "He Is I Am"
The Rarely Herd -- "Heartbeat"
The Rarely Herd -- "Holy, Holy, Holy"
The Rarely Herd -- "I Haven't Seen Mary In Years"
The Rarely Herd -- " If God Be for Us"
The Rarely Herd -- "Just Want To Thank You Lord"
The Rarely Herd -- "Keep On Walking"
The Rarely Herd -- "Keep The Candles Burning"
The Rarely Herd -- " Look Down That Road"
The Rarely Herd -- "New Born Soul"
The Rarely Herd -- "Nothing Can Hold Me Here"
The Rarely Herd -- "Oh Mary (Don't You Weep)"
The Rarely Herd -- "Old Church Bell"
The Rarely Herd -- "Preachin' Up A Storm"
The Rarely Herd -- "The Safety Zone"
The Rarely Herd -- "Search Inside An Empty Tomb"
The Rarely Herd -- "Simon Crutchfield's Grave"
The Rarely Herd -- "Sweet Beulah Land"
The Rarely Herd -- " Walkin' On Holy Ground"
The Rarely Herd -- "What About Him"
The Rarely Herd -- "When The Dam Breaks"
The Rarely Herd -- "When We're Gone Long Gone"

Rascal Flatts -- "The Glory Of Life"
Rascal Flatts -- "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"
Rascal Flatts -- "I'll Be Home For Christmas"
Rascal Flatts -- "Jingle Bell Rock"
Rascal Flatts -- "Sunday Afternoon"
Rascal Flatts -- "White Christmas"

Marty Raybon -- "All Came Through The Blood"
Marty Raybon -- "All For Love"
Marty Raybon -- "Behold Your King" (w/ Lee Marshall)
Marty Raybon -- "Bright New Morning"
Marty Raybon -- "Butterfly Kisses"
Marty Raybon -- "Church On Cumberland Road"
Marty Raybon -- "The Devil's Ol' Workshop"
Marty Raybon -- "Didn't It Rain Rain Children"
Marty Raybon -- "Down The Road"
Marty Raybon -- "Family Bible"
Marty Raybon -- "God's Up To Something" (w/ Clay Underwood)
Marty Raybon -- "Going Through Hell (To Get There)"
Marty Raybon -- "Good Ole Fashioned Christmas"
Marty Raybon -- "The Great Speckled Bird"
Marty Raybon -- "He's Still Doing Miracles Today"
Marty Raybon -- "He's Still My Little Man (Matty's Song)"
Marty Raybon -- "I Cast My Bread Upon The Water"
Marty Raybon -- "I'm Working On A Building"
Marty Raybon -- "I've Seen What He Can Do"
Marty Raybon -- "Love Can Build A Bridge"
Marty Raybon -- "Lord I Lift Your Name On High/I Love You Lord" (medley)
Marty Raybon -- "Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus"
Marty Raybon -- "One Day At A Time"
Marty Raybon -- "One Night In Bethlehem"
Marty Raybon -- "Pray With Me" (w/ Penny Menze)
Marty Raybon -- "Right Where I Belong"
Marty Raybon -- "Walking With God At A Guilty Distance"
Marty Raybon -- "What Have I Done To Deserve This"
Marty Raybon -- "When He Reigns, It Pours"
Marty Raybon -- "You Get Me"
Marty Raybon -- "You've Got To Move"

Collin Raye -- "The Cross"
Collin Raye -- "The Only Jesus"

Jerry Reed -- "Talk About The Good Times"

Jim Reeves -- "Blue Christmas"
Jim Reeves -- "C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S"
Jim Reeves -- "Dear Hearts And Gentle People"
Jim Reeves -- "An Evening Prayer"
Jim Reeves -- "The Flowers, The Sunset, The Trees"
Jim Reeves -- "Gimme That Old Time Religion"
Jim Reeves -- "Home"
Jim Reeves -- "In The Garden"
Jim Reeves -- "It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)"
Jim Reeves -- "Jingle Bells"
Jim Reeves -- "Mary's Little Boy Child"
Jim Reeves -- "May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You"
Jim Reeves -- "The Merry Christmas Polka"
Jim Reeves -- "O Little Town Of Bethlehem"
Jim Reeves -- "Oh Come, All Ye Faithful"
Jim Reeves -- "An Old Christmas Card"
Jim Reeves -- "Old Time Religion"
Jim Reeves -- "Peace In The Valley"
Jim Reeves -- "Precious Memories"
Jim Reeves -- "Satan Can't Hold Me"
Jim Reeves -- "Senor Santa Claus"
Jim Reeves -- "Shall We Gather At The River"
Jim Reeves -- "Silent Night"
Jim Reeves -- "Silver Bells"
Jim Reeves -- "Suppertime"
Jim Reeves -- "Teach Me How To Pray"
Jim Reeves -- "When God Dips His Love In My Heart"
Jim Reeves -- "White Christmas"

Jack Reno -- "Ye Shall Live Through Me"

Kimmie Rhodes -- "Angel Unawares"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "Bells Of Joy"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "Big Ol' Train"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "Carol Of The Bells"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "The Christmas Star"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "Darkness Lifting"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "Espiritu Santo Bay"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "God's Acre"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "Heart Of A Believer"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "I'm So Amazed"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "If I Could Only Fly"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "Just One Love" (w/ Willie Nelson)
Kimmie Rhodes -- "Keep Me In Your Grace"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "A Little Touch Of Christmas"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "Mama Believed In Miracles"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "Mary"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "Miracles On Christmas Day"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "A New Song"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "One More White Christmas"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "Rich From The Journey"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "Shine All Your Light"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "Sleep Baby Sleep"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "Thank You For Another Day"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "There Is A Place"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "There's A Storm Coming"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "This Is The Gift"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "What Child Is This"
Kimmie Rhodes -- "The Wonderful Sound"

Tony Rice -- "Bury Me Beneath The Weeping Willow" (w/ Ricky Skaggs)
Tony Rice -- "Have You Someone in Heaven Awaiting" (w/ Ricky Skaggs)
Tony Rice -- "Mansions For Me" (w/ Ricky Skaggs)
Tony Rice -- "Memories Of Mother And Dad" (w/ Ricky Skaggs)
Tony Rice -- "The Old Crossroads" (w/ Ricky Skaggs)
Tony Rice -- "Talk About Suffering" (w/ Ricky Skaggs)
Tony Rice -- "Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies" (w/ Ricky Skaggs)
Tony Rice -- "Will The Roses Bloom?" (w/ Ricky Skaggs)

Charlie Rich -- "Amazing Grace"
Charlie Rich -- "America The Beautiful"
Charlie Rich -- "Down By The Riverside"
Charlie Rich -- "Just A Closer Walk With Thee"
Charlie Rich -- "Old Time Religion"
Charlie Rich -- "Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child"
Charlie Rich -- "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot"
Charlie Rich -- "Were You There?"
Charlie Rich -- "Why Me"
Charlie Rich -- "Will The Circle Be Unbroken"

Dave Rich -- "Saved From Sin"
Dave Rich -- "Brand New Feeling"
Dave Rich -- "Where Else Would I Want To Be?"
Dave Rich -- "That's What This Whole World Needs"

Brandon Rickman -- "Let Me Walk, Lord"
Brandon Rickman -- "Rest For His Workers" (w/ Val Storey)
Brandon Rickman -- "Wearin' Her Knees Out Over Me"

Don Rigsby -- "The Angel Of Death"
Don Rigsby -- "Charged With Being Christian"
Don Rigsby -- "Drifting Too Far From The Shore"
Don Rigsby -- "Dust To Dust"
Don Rigsby -- "A Dying Boy's Prayer"
Don Rigsby -- "Forgiveness"
Don Rigsby -- "God Needed My Mother"
Don Rigsby -- "Gone Home"
Don Rigsby -- "The Gospel According To Luke"
Don Rigsby -- "He Done What He Said"
Don Rigsby -- "He Put A Breeze In Me"
Don Rigsby -- "Higher Than I"
Don Rigsby -- "I Am An Orphan Child"
Don Rigsby -- "I've Just Seen The Rock Of Ages"
Don Rigsby -- "It Is Jesus"
Don Rigsby -- "Leaning On The Everlasting Arms"
Don Rigsby -- "Leaning On The Son"
Don Rigsby -- "Little Spirit Man"
Don Rigsby -- "Little White Cross Out On Highway"
Don Rigsby -- "The Lord Will Provide"
Don Rigsby -- "Make God Laugh"
Don Rigsby -- "Mary Magdalene"
Don Rigsby -- "Old Ship Of Zion"
Don Rigsby -- "On a High, High Mountain"
Don Rigsby -- "One Prayer Away"
Don Rigsby -- "Over In The Gloryland"
Don Rigsby -- "Precious Love"
Don Rigsby -- "Rose Among The Thorns"
Don Rigsby -- "Send Me Wings"
Don Rigsby -- "That Home Far Away"
Don Rigsby -- "Then Y'Ain't"
Don Rigsby -- "This World Is Not My Home"
Don Rigsby -- "Vision Of A Golden Crown"
Don Rigsby -- "Wings Of Angels"
Don Rigsby -- "You May Sing Of The Beauties"

Jeannie C. Riley -- "Amazing Grace"
Jeannie C. Riley -- "Away In A Manger"
Jeannie C. Riley -- "Can't Cage The Dove"
Jeannie C. Riley -- "Christ The Newborn King"
Jeannie C. Riley -- "Farther Along"
Jeannie C. Riley -- "He Believes In Me"
Jeannie C. Riley -- "I Don't Deserve A Mansion"
Jeannie C. Riley -- "I Have"
Jeannie C. Riley -- "I See That Lonely Cross"
Jeannie C. Riley -- "Joy To The World"
Jeannie C. Riley -- "Last Train To Glory"
Jeannie C. Riley -- "Light Your Light (And Let It Shine)"
Jeannie C. Riley -- "The Rib"
Jeannie C. Riley -- "Roses And Thorns"
Jeannie C. Riley -- "Silver Bells"
Jeannie C. Riley -- "Stepping Stone To Glory"
Jeannie C. Riley -- "Tell It Again"
Jeannie C. Riley -- "Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil"
Jeannie C. Riley -- "Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up"
Jeannie C. Riley -- "Wings To Fly"
Jeannie C. Riley -- "You Don't Have To Walk On Water For Me"

LeAnn Rimes -- "All I Want For Christmas Is You"
LeAnn Rimes -- "Amazing Grace"
LeAnn Rimes -- "Bridge Over Troubled Water"
LeAnn Rimes -- "The Christmas Song"
LeAnn Rimes -- "Clinging To A Saving Hand"
LeAnn Rimes -- "A Different Kind Of Christmas"
LeAnn Rimes -- "God Bless America"
LeAnn Rimes -- "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"
LeAnn Rimes -- "I Miss You Like Christmas"
LeAnn Rimes -- "O Holy Night"
LeAnn Rimes -- "On The Side Of Angels"
LeAnn Rimes -- "Put A Little Holiday In Your Heart"
LeAnn Rimes -- "Ready For A Miracle"
LeAnn Rimes -- "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree"
LeAnn Rimes -- "Santa Baby"
LeAnn Rimes -- "Ten Thousand Angels Cried"
LeAnn Rimes -- "What A Wonderful World"
LeAnn Rimes -- "White Christmas"
LeAnn Rimes -- "You Light Up My Life"

Tex Ritter -- "Christmas Carols By The Old Corral"
Tex Ritter -- "Cowboy's Prayer"
Tex Ritter -- "Deck Of Cards"
Tex Ritter -- "Hillbilly Heaven"
Tex Ritter -- "I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven"
Tex Ritter -- "Rounded Up In Glory"
Tex Ritter -- "The Touch Of The Master's Hand"
Tex Ritter -- "Trouble In The Amen Corner"

Marty Robbins -- "Christmas Is For Kids"
Marty Robbins -- "Christmas Kisses"
Marty Robbins -- "A Christmas Prayer"
Marty Robbins -- "Christmas Time Is Here Again"
Marty Robbins -- "An Evening Prayer"
Marty Robbins -- "The Great Speckled Bird"
Marty Robbins -- "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing"
Marty Robbins -- "Have Thine Own Way, Lord"
Marty Robbins -- "The Joy Of Christmas"
Marty Robbins -- "A Little Spot In Heaven"
Marty Robbins -- "Little Stranger (In A Manger)"
Marty Robbins -- "Many Christmases Ago"
Marty Robbins -- "The Master's Call"
Marty Robbins -- "Merry Christmas To You From Me"
Marty Robbins -- "O Little Town Of Bethlehem"
Marty Robbins -- "There Is Power In The Blood"
Marty Robbins -- "What God Has Done"
Marty Robbins -- "When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder"
Marty Robbins -- "Who At My Door Is Standing"
Marty Robbins -- "Will The Circle Be Unbroken"
Marty Robbins -- "With His Hand On My Shoulder"
Marty Robbins -- "You're Not The Only One"
Marty Robbins -- "You Gave Me A Mountain"

Betty Jean Robinson -- "God Is Good"

Nell Robinson -- "I Saw The Light"
Nell Robinson -- "The Last Old Shovel"
Nell Robinson -- "Turn Your Radio On"

Kenny Rogers -- "Medley: Abraham, Martin And John/Precious Memories"
Kenny Rogers -- "All God's Lonely Children" (w/ The First Edition)
Kenny Rogers -- "As God Is My Witness"
Kenny Rogers -- "Away In A Manger"
Kenny Rogers -- "Away In A Manger/O Holy Night" (live)
Kenny Rogers -- "Carol Of The Bells"
Kenny Rogers -- "The Chosen One/Joy To The World" (live)
Kenny Rogers -- "Christmas Everyday"
Kenny Rogers -- "Christmas In America"
Kenny Rogers -- "Christmas Is My Favorite Time Of The Year"
Kenny Rogers -- "The Christmas Song"
Kenny Rogers -- "Find A Little Grace"
Kenny Rogers -- "The First Noel"
Kenny Rogers -- "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"
Kenny Rogers -- "Have A Little Faith In Me"
Kenny Rogers -- "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"
Kenny Rogers -- "Help Somebody Find Their Way"
Kenny Rogers -- "Heroes"
Kenny Rogers -- "Hey, Little Christmas Tree"
Kenny Rogers -- "I Trust You"
Kenny Rogers -- "I'll Be Home For Christmas"
Kenny Rogers -- "It's Just Not Christmas"
Kenny Rogers -- "It's The Messiah"
Kenny Rogers -- "Joy To The World"
Kenny Rogers -- "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!"
Kenny Rogers -- "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" (live)
Kenny Rogers -- "O Come All Ye Faithful"
Kenny Rogers -- "O Come All Ye Faithful" (live)
Kenny Rogers -- "O Holy Night"
Kenny Rogers -- "O Little Town Of Bethlehem"
Kenny Rogers -- "See Me Through"
Kenny Rogers -- "Silent Night"
Kenny Rogers -- "Silent Night" (live)
Kenny Rogers -- "Silver Bells"
Kenny Rogers -- "A Soldier's King"
Kenny Rogers -- "Sweet Little Jesus Boy"
Kenny Rogers -- "'Til The Season Comes 'Round Again"
Kenny Rogers -- "To Me"
Kenny Rogers -- "We Three Kings/The Little Drummer Boy" (live)
Kenny Rogers -- "What A Wonderful Beginning"
Kenny Rogers -- "What Child Is This"
Kenny Rogers -- "When A Child Is Born"
Kenny Rogers -- "Winter Wonderland"

Clarke C. Rohn -- "Instant Happiness"

Linda Ronstadt -- "The Christmas Song"
Linda Ronstadt -- "We Need A Whole Lot More Of Jesus (And A Lot Less Rock'n'Roll)"

The Roys "Give A Ride To The Devil"
The Roys "Grandpa's Barn"
The Roys "Heaven Needed Her More"
The Roys "High Road"
The Roys "I Wonder What God's Thinking"
The Roys "Living Scrapbook"
The Roys "Mended Wings"
The Roys "New Day Dawning"
The Roys "That's What Makes It Love" (with Ricky Skaggs & The Whites)
The Roys "Windin' Roads"

Justin Ryan -- "All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name"
Justin Ryan -- "Blessed Assurance" (w/ Mark & Donna Kay Moseley)
Justin Ryan -- "Blest Be The Tie That Binds"
Justin Ryan -- "Crown Him With Many Crowns"
Justin Ryan -- "For The Beauty Of The Earth" (w/ Margie Cates)
Justin Ryan -- "For Those Tears I Died" (w/ Marsha Stevens-Pino)
Justin Ryan -- "He Keeps Lifting" (w/ Allison Durham Speer)
Justin Ryan -- "He Would Be King"
Justin Ryan -- "Holy, Holy Holy"
Justin Ryan -- "How Great Thou Art" (w/ Lynn Anderson)
Justin Ryan -- "I Love To Tell The Story" (w/ HisSong)
Justin Ryan -- "O For A Thousand Tongues"
Justin Ryan -- "Revive Us Again" (w/ Angie Primm)
Justin Ryan -- "The Solid Rock" (w/ Kenny Bishop)
Justin Ryan -- "Tell Me The Story Of Jesus" (w/ Kenny Bishop & Pete Wade)
Justin Ryan -- "There Is A Balm In Gilead"
Justin Ryan -- "What A Friend We Have In Jesus" (w/ Porter Wagoner)

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