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Tracy Schwarz -- "Hosanna, Jesus Reigns"
Tracy Schwarz -- "The Little Rosewood Casket"
Tracy Schwarz -- "Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down"

Barry Scott & Second Wind -- "Forever Contented"
Barry Scott & Second Wind -- "A Glorified Body"
Barry Scott & Second Wind -- " Have You Met My Friend?"
Barry Scott & Second Wind -- "In God's Time"
Barry Scott & Second Wind -- "In That Land"
Barry Scott & Second Wind -- "Is That The Lights Of Home?"
Barry Scott & Second Wind -- "Living Daddy's Dream"
Barry Scott & Second Wind -- "Oh What A Day"
Barry Scott & Second Wind -- "On The Wings Of Angels"
Barry Scott & Second Wind -- "The Only Thing That Matters"
Barry Scott & Second Wind -- "Plan Of Salvation"
Barry Scott & Second Wind -- "Take A Moment And Live"
Barry Scott & Second Wind -- "When He Comes Down"
Barry Scott & Second Wind -- "When The Eagle Flies"

Dan Seals -- "Blessed"
Dan Seals -- "God Must Be A Cowboy"
Dan Seals -- "Harbinger, Sage Or Fool"
Dan Seals -- "Why This River Runs"
Dan Seals -- "You Plant Your Fields"

Dawn Sears -- "Fit For A King"

The Seldom Scene -- "Heart And Soul"

Shenandoah -- "The Church On Cumberland Road"
Shenandoah -- "Her Love Is A Miracle"
Shenandoah -- "(It's Hard To Live Up To) The Rock"
Shenandoah -- "Sunday In The South"
Shenandoah -- "Wooden Cross"

Ashton Shepard -- "Trying To Go To Church"
Ashton Shepard -- "Where Country Grows"

Jean Shepard -- "A Satisfied Mind"

Daryle Singletary -- "Amen Kind Of Love"
Daryle Singletary -- "That's Why God Made Me"

Junior Sisk & Rambler's Choice -- "The Devil's Old White Well"
Junior Sisk & Rambler's Choice -- "Dust On The Bible"
Junior Sisk & Rambler's Choice -- "A Humble Man"
Junior Sisk & Rambler's Choice -- "If The Bottle Was A Bible"
Junior Sisk & Rambler's Choice -- "Jesus Walked Upon The Water"
Junior Sisk & Rambler's Choice -- "Let The Light Shine Down"
Junior Sisk & Rambler's Choice -- "The Lowest Valley"
Junior Sisk & Rambler's Choice -- "Prayers Go Up"
Junior Sisk & Rambler's Choice -- "Tailor Made"
Junior Sisk & Rambler's Choice -- "Thankful For Each Day"
Junior Sisk & Rambler's Choice -- "Walking In Good Company"
Junior Sisk & Rambler's Choice -- "Walk Slow"

Ricky Skaggs -- "1st Corinthians 1:18" (instrumental)
Ricky Skaggs -- "40 Years" (w/ The Skaggs Family)
Ricky Skaggs -- "Ain't Love A Good Thing"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Are You Afraid To Die"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Away In A Manger"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Battle Cry"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Big Wheel" (w/ The Whites)
Ricky Skaggs -- "Blessed Assurance" (w/ The Whites)
Ricky Skaggs -- "Bury Me Beneath The Weeping Willow" (w/ Tony Rice)
Ricky Skaggs -- "Children Go"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Christmas Time's A Comin' "
Ricky Skaggs -- "Daniel Prayed"
Ricky Skaggs -- "The Darkest Hour"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Down In The Valley To Pray" (w/ Earl Scruggs & Doc Watson)
Ricky Skaggs -- "Drifting Too Far From the Shore"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Drifting Too Far From the Shore" (w/ John Starling)
Ricky Skaggs -- "Every Drop Of Water"
Ricky Skaggs -- "The Faithful Love Of Jesus" (w/ Don Poythress)
Ricky Skaggs -- "Family Bible" (live) (w/ The Whites)
Ricky Skaggs -- "Farther Along"
Ricky Skaggs -- "From The Word Love"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Gone Home"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Green Pastures" w/ Emmylou Harris)
Ricky Skaggs -- "Hallelujah I'm Ready"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Have You Someone in Heaven Awaiting" (w/ Tony Rice)
Ricky Skaggs -- "He Was On To Somethin' (So He Made You)"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Homesick For Heaven" (w/ The Whites)
Ricky Skaggs -- "If My People" (w/ Molly Skaggs)
Ricky Skaggs -- "If You Don't Believe The Bible"
Ricky Skaggs -- "It's Mighty Dark To Travel"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Jacob's Vision"
Ricky Skaggs -- "The Joshua Generation"
Ricky Skaggs -- "The Josiah And Daniel Generation"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Lead Me To The Rock"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Let It Shine"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Little Community Church"
Ricky Skaggs -- "The Lord Will Provide" (w/ Andy Statman)
Ricky Skaggs -- "Love Will Be Enough"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Mansions For Me" (w/ Tony Rice)
Ricky Skaggs -- "Mansions for Me" (2008 version)
Ricky Skaggs -- "Memories Of Mother And Dad" (w/ Tony Rice)
Ricky Skaggs -- "Mother's Only Sleeping"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Music To My Ears"
Ricky Skaggs -- "My Father's Son"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Near The Cross"
Ricky Skaggs -- "New Star Shining"
Ricky Skaggs -- "No Mother Or Dad"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Nothing Beats A Family"
Ricky Skaggs -- "The Old Crossroads" (w/ Tony Rice)
Ricky Skaggs -- "The Old Crossroad"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Old Kind Of Love Goin' Round"
Ricky Skaggs -- "One Seed Of Love"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Rank Strangers"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Remember The Cross"
Ricky Skaggs -- "The Reunion Song"
Ricky Skaggs -- "The River Of Jordan"
Ricky Skaggs -- "River Of Memory"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Salt Of The Earth" (w/ The Whites)
Ricky Skaggs -- "The Selfishness In Man"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Seven Hillsides"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Shouting On The Hills Of Glory" (w/ Ralph Stanley)
Ricky Skaggs -- "Sis' Draper"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Soldier Of The Cross"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Soldier's Son"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Solid Ground"
Ricky Skaggs -- "The Solid Rock"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Somebody's Prayin' "
Ricky Skaggs -- "Spread A Little Love Around"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Talk About Sufferin' "
Ricky Skaggs -- "Talk About Suffering" (w/ Tony Rice)
Ricky Skaggs -- "There Is A Time" (w/ the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)
Ricky Skaggs -- "This Old House" (w/ the Whites, Buck White lead vocals)
Ricky Skaggs -- "A Voice From On High"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Voices Singing"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Waiting At The Gate"
Ricky Skaggs -- "We All Bow Down"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Were You There?"
Ricky Skaggs -- "What Would You Give In Exchange For Your Soul?" (w/ Earl Scruggs & Doc Watson)
Ricky Skaggs -- "When Life Hits Hard"
Ricky Skaggs -- "When The Wheels Are Coming Off" (w/ Lee Ann Womack)
Ricky Skaggs -- "Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies" (w/ Tony Rice)
Ricky Skaggs -- "Who Will Sing for Me?" (w/ Earl Scruggs & Doc Watson)
Ricky Skaggs -- "Why Did I Wait So Long?"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Will My Mother Know Me There?" (w/ the Whites)
Ricky Skaggs -- "Will The Roses Bloom?" (w/ Tony Rice)
Ricky Skaggs -- "Wings Of A Dove" (w/ the Whites)
Ricky Skaggs -- "Wings Of Angels"
Ricky Skaggs -- "Won't It Be Wonderful There?"
Ricky Skaggs -- "You Are Something Else"
Ricky Skaggs -- "You Can't Do Wrong And Get By" (w/ George Jones)

Sleepy Man Banjo Boys -- "How Deep The Father's Love for Us"
Sleepy Man Banjo Boys -- "I'll Fly Away"
Sleepy Man Banjo Boys -- "When The Angels Carry Me Home"

Cal Smith -- "Come See About Me"
Cal Smith -- "Son, Run To The Spring"

Carl Smith -- "The Nail-Scarred-Hand"

Connie Smith -- "Jesus Is Your Ticket To Heaven"
Connie Smith -- "Meet Me In Heaven"
Connie Smith -- "Over The Next Hill We'll Be Home"
Connie Smith -- "The Prayer Of The Drunkard's Little Girl"
Connie Smith -- "Walkin' In Jerusalem"
Connie Smith -- "Your Light"

Connie Smith (w/ Nat Stuckey) -- "Crumbs From The Table"
Connie Smith (w/ Nat Stuckey) -- "Daddy Sang Bass"
Connie Smith (w/ Nat Stuckey) -- "Did You Let Your Light Shine?"
Connie Smith (w/ Nat Stuckey) -- "God Will"
Connie Smith (w/ Nat Stuckey) -- "He Turned the Water Into Wine"
Connie Smith (w/ Nat Stuckey) -- "His Love Takes Care Of Me"
Connie Smith (w/ Nat Stuckey) -- "If God Is Dead (Who's This Living In My Soul?)"
Connie Smith (w/ Nat Stuckey) -- "Now Lord, What Can I Do For You?"
Connie Smith (w/ Nat Stuckey) -- "Sunday Morning"
Connie Smith (w/ Nat Stuckey) -- "Way Up On The Mountain"
Connie Smith (w/ Nat Stuckey) -- "Well It's All Right"
Connie Smith (w/ Nat Stuckey) -- "Whispering Hope"

Sammi Smith -- "The Rainbow In Daddy's Eyes"

Tim Smith -- "Precious Lord, Take My Hand"

Larry Sparks -- "Away In A Manger"
Larry Sparks -- "The Battle Of Armageddon"
Larry Sparks -- "Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem"
Larry Sparks -- "Better Farther On"
Larry Sparks -- "Bible Ben"
Larry Sparks -- "The Birthday Of Our King"
Larry Sparks -- "Blue Christmas"
Larry Sparks -- "Christmas In The Mountains"
Larry Sparks -- "Christmas Is Near"
Larry Sparks -- "Christmas Memories"
Larry Sparks -- "Christmas Time's A Coming"
Larry Sparks -- "An Empty Mansion"
Larry Sparks -- "Everything's Alright"
Larry Sparks -- "Family Bible"
Larry Sparks -- "Follow The Star"
Larry Sparks -- "Goin' Up Home To Live In Green Pastures"
Larry Sparks -- "Going Home"
Larry Sparks -- "Gospel Train"
Larry Sparks -- "Great High Mountain"
Larry Sparks -- "Green Pasture In The Sky"
Larry Sparks -- "Green Pasture In The Sky" (live)
Larry Sparks -- "He's Everything To Me"
Larry Sparks -- "His Name Was Judas"
Larry Sparks -- "I Just Want To Thank You Lord"
Larry Sparks -- "I Need Jesus"
Larry Sparks -- "I Saw The Light"
Larry Sparks -- "I Shall Not Be Moved"
Larry Sparks -- "I Want To Be Like Jesus"
Larry Sparks -- "I Want To See Him Smile"
Larry Sparks -- "I Want You To Meet My Friend"
Larry Sparks -- "I'm On My Way To Canaan's Land"
Larry Sparks -- "I've Just Seen The Rock Of Ages"
Larry Sparks -- "It's Christmas Time"
Larry Sparks -- "Jesus Is All That I Need"
Larry Sparks -- "Jesus Is The Rock"
Larry Sparks -- "Jesus Is Waiting For Me"
Larry Sparks -- "Jesus Walks Ahead Of Me"
Larry Sparks -- "Joy To The World"
Larry Sparks -- "A King For Me"
Larry Sparks -- "Last Day At Gettysburg"
Larry Sparks -- "The Last Suit You Wear"
Larry Sparks -- "Lay My Burden Down"
Larry Sparks -- "Lazarus And The Rich Man"
Larry Sparks -- "Little White Frame Church"
Larry Sparks -- "Lord, Show Me The Way"
Larry Sparks -- "Mama's Songs"
Larry Sparks -- "Mansion On The Hill"
Larry Sparks -- "Mother How I Miss You"
Larry Sparks -- "My Lord"
Larry Sparks -- "The Old Church Yard"
Larry Sparks -- "The Old Rugged Cross"
Larry Sparks -- "The Rock I Stand On"
Larry Sparks -- "Ship From The King's Harbor Shore"
Larry Sparks -- "Somebody Touched Me"
Larry Sparks -- "Soul Train"
Larry Sparks -- "Tell Em About Jesus"
Larry Sparks -- "The Testing Times"
Larry Sparks -- "Thank You, Lord"
Larry Sparks -- "There's More That Holds The Picture"
Larry Sparks -- "Wandering Soul"
Larry Sparks -- "What A Wonderful Savior Is He"
Larry Sparks -- "What Kind Of Man"
Larry Sparks -- "What Would You Give In Exchange"
Larry Sparks -- "When I Lay My Burdens Down"
Larry Sparks -- "Where Shall I Be?"
Larry Sparks -- "Where The Sweet Water Flows"
Larry Sparks -- "White Christmas"

Special Consensus -- "The Devil Ain't Lazy"
Special Consensus -- "I Want My Friends To Pray For Me"

Karen Staley -- "God Is In Control"

Larry Stewart -- "Why Can't You"

The Stanley Brothers -- "Angel Band"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Angels Are Singing (In Heaven Tonight)"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Back To The Cross"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Bouquet In Heaven"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Brother, I'm Getting Ready To Go"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Calling From Heaven"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Close By"
The Stanley Brothers -- "The Cry From The Cross"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Daniel Prayed"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Death Is Only A Dream"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Drifting Too Far From The Shore" (live)
The Stanley Brothers -- "The Drunkard's Hell"
The Stanley Brothers -- "A Few More Seasons"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet"
The Stanley Brothers -- "God Loves His Children"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Harbor Of Love"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Have You Someone (In Heaven Waiting)"
The Stanley Brothers -- "He Took Your Place"
The Stanley Brothers -- "He'll Set Your Fields On Fire"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Heaven"
The Stanley Brothers -- "I Can Tell You The Time"
The Stanley Brothers -- "I Hear My Savior Calling"
The Stanley Brothers -- "I'll Be Going To Heaven Sometime"
The Stanley Brothers -- "I'm A Man Of Constant Sorrow"
The Stanley Brothers -- "I'm Going To Make Heaven My Home"
The Stanley Brothers -- "I'm Lost, I'll Never Find The Way"
The Stanley Brothers -- "I'm Working On A Road"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Just A Little Talk With Jesus"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Let Me Walk, Lord, By Your Side"
The Stanley Brothers -- "The Little Glass Of Wine"
The Stanley Brothers -- "The Little Glass of Wine" (alternate version)
The Stanley Brothers -- "Mansions For Me"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Memories Of Mother"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Mother No Longer Awaits Me at Home"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Mother No Longer Awaits Me At Home" (live)
The Stanley Brothers -- "Mother's Footsteps Guide Me On"
The Stanley Brothers -- "My Darling's Last Goodbye"
The Stanley Brothers -- "My Lord's Gonna Set Me Free"
The Stanley Brothers -- "No Mother Or Dad"
The Stanley Brothers -- "No School Bus In Heaven"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Our Darling's Gone"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Preachin', Prayin', Singin' "
The Stanley Brothers -- "Precious Memories"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Rank Stranger"
The Stanley Brothers -- "So Happy I'll Be"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Somebody Touched Me"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Take Me In A Lifeboat"
The Stanley Brothers -- "They Sleep Together, Now at Rest"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Village Churchyard" (w/ Roscoe Holcomb)
The Stanley Brothers -- "A Vision Of Mother"
The Stanley Brothers -- "A Voice From On High"
The Stanley Brothers -- "We'll Be Sweethearts In Heaven"
The Stanley Brothers -- "When I Lay My Burdens Down"
The Stanley Brothers -- "The White Dove"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Will He Wait A Little Longer"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Will The Roses Bloom (Where She Lies Sleeping)"
The Stanley Brothers -- "Will You Miss Me"

Ralph Stanley -- "Amazing Grace"
Ralph Stanley -- "Angel Band"
Ralph Stanley -- "Angel Band" (w/ Chely Wright) < from "Clinch Mountain Sweethearts" album >
Ralph Stanley -- "Are You Afraid To Die?" (w/ Becky & Sonya Isaacs)
Ralph Stanley -- "Are You Ready?"
Ralph Stanley -- "Beautiful (Is The Land Where I'm Going)"
Ralph Stanley -- "Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem"
Ralph Stanley -- "Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem" (duet w/ Connie Smith)
Ralph Stanley -- "Because He Loved Me"
Ralph Stanley -- "Bright Morning Star"
Ralph Stanley -- "Bright Morning Star" (duet with Kathy Mattea)
Ralph Stanley -- "Calling My Children Home"
Ralph Stanley -- "Calling You"
Ralph Stanley -- "Children, Go Where I Send Thee"
Ralph Stanley -- "Christmas Is Near"
Ralph Stanley -- "City Of Gold"
Ralph Stanley -- "Come On Little Children"
Ralph Stanley -- "Cry From The Cross"
Ralph Stanley -- "Daddy's Rose"
Ralph Stanley -- "Daddy's Wildwood Flower"
Ralph Stanley -- "A Dark Road Is A Hard Road To Travel"
Ralph Stanley -- "The Darkest Hour Is Just Before The Dawn" (duet w/ Dwight Yoakam)
Ralph Stanley -- "The Day Is Past And Gone"
Ralph Stanley -- "Death Is Only A Dream"
Ralph Stanley -- "A Distant Land To Roam"
Ralph Stanley -- "Everything's Alright"
Ralph Stanley -- "Farther Along"
Ralph Stanley -- "Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet" (w/ BR5-49)
Ralph Stanley -- "Give Me Wings"
Ralph Stanley -- "Gloryland"
Ralph Stanley -- "Go Down Moses"
Ralph Stanley -- "God Gave Noah The Rainbow Sign"
Ralph Stanley -- "God Gave You To Me"
Ralph Stanley -- "God Who Never Fails"
Ralph Stanley -- "God's Great Chariot"
Ralph Stanley -- "Going Up Home To Live In Green Pastures"
Ralph Stanley -- "Gone Away With A Friend"
Ralph Stanley -- "He Keeps Leading Me On"
Ralph Stanley -- "He's My All And All"
Ralph Stanley -- "How Can We Thank Him For What He Has Done?" (w/ Diamond Rio)
Ralph Stanley -- "I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow"
Ralph Stanley -- "I Am The Man Thomas"
Ralph Stanley -- "I Am The Man Thomas" (w/ Alabama)
Ralph Stanley -- "I Am Weary"
Ralph Stanley -- "I Feel Like Singing Today" (live)
Ralph Stanley -- "I Feel Like Singing Today" (w/ Jim Lauderdale)
Ralph Stanley -- "I Firmly Promise You"
Ralph Stanley -- "I Hope To Meet You In The Morning"
Ralph Stanley -- "I Saw The Light" (live)
Ralph Stanley -- "I'd Like To Talk It All Over With Him"
Ralph Stanley -- "I'll Answer The Call"
Ralph Stanley -- "I'll Fly Away"
Ralph Stanley -- "I'll Put On A Crown"
Ralph Stanley -- "I'll Remember You Love In My Prayers"
Ralph Stanley -- "I'll Remember You Love In My Prayers"
Ralph Stanley -- "I'll Wear A White Robe"
Ralph Stanley -- "I'm Going That Way" (w/ The Whites)
Ralph Stanley -- "I'm In A New World"
Ralph Stanley -- "I'm Not Ashamed"
Ralph Stanley -- "I'm Ready To Go"
Ralph Stanley -- "I've Just Seen The Rock Of Ages"
Ralph Stanley -- "I've Just Seen The Rock Of Ages" (w/ Jeff & Marty Raybon)
Ralph Stanley -- "In His Arms I'm Not Afraid"
Ralph Stanley -- "It's Heaven On Earth (To Walk With The Lord)"
Ralph Stanley -- "Jesus On The Mainline"
Ralph Stanley -- "Jesus, Saviour Pilot Me"
Ralph Stanley -- "Just Over The Stars"
Ralph Stanley -- "The Keys To The Kingdom"
Ralph Stanley -- "The King Of All Kings"
Ralph Stanley -- "Let The Church Roll On"
Ralph Stanley -- "Let Your Light Shine Out"
Ralph Stanley -- "Let's Keep Old Glory Waving"
Ralph Stanley -- "Lift Him Up, That's All"
Ralph Stanley -- "Listen To The Shepherd"
Ralph Stanley -- "Little Moses"
Ralph Stanley -- "The Little Old Church By The Road"
Ralph Stanley -- "Look What I've Traded"
Ralph Stanley -- "Looking For The Stone"
Ralph Stanley -- "Looking Through A Spiritual Window"
Ralph Stanley -- "Loving Grace Of God"
Ralph Stanley -- "The Lowest Valley"
Ralph Stanley -- "Man From Galilee"
Ralph Stanley -- "The Man In The Middle"
Ralph Stanley -- "Memories Of Mother" (live)
Ralph Stanley -- "Memories Of Mother" (w/ Claire Lynch)
Ralph Stanley -- "Mother's Not Dead"
Ralph Stanley -- "Motherless Children"
Ralph Stanley -- "Mountain Preacher's Child"
Ralph Stanley -- "My Main Trial Is Yet To Come"
Ralph Stanley -- "No Schoolbus In Heaven"
Ralph Stanley -- "O, Death"
Ralph Stanley -- "Oak Grove Church"
Ralph Stanley -- "The Old Church Yard"
Ralph Stanley -- "The Old Church Yard" (live)
Ralph Stanley -- "Old Job"
Ralph Stanley -- "Old Man Death"
Ralph Stanley -- "On A High, High Mountain"
Ralph Stanley -- "On A Hill Lone And Grey"
Ralph Stanley -- "One Drop Of Water"
Ralph Stanley -- "Over In The Gloryland"
Ralph Stanley -- "Palms Of Victory"
Ralph Stanley -- "Poor Orphan Child"
Ralph Stanley -- "Pray For The Boys"
Ralph Stanley -- "Praying"
Ralph Stanley -- "Rank Stranger"
Ralph Stanley -- "Rank Stranger" (live)
Ralph Stanley -- "Rank Stranger"
Ralph Stanley -- "Robin Built A Nest On Daddy's Grave"
Ralph Stanley -- "Robin Built A Nest On Daddy's Grave" (live)
Ralph Stanley -- "Searching For A Soldier's Grave"
Ralph Stanley -- "Shine On"
Ralph Stanley -- "Short Life Of Trouble"
Ralph Stanley -- "Shouting On The Hills Of Glory" (w/ Ricky Skaggs)
Ralph Stanley -- "Sing Songs About Jesus"
Ralph Stanley -- "Sinner Man"
Ralph Stanley -- "Snap A Finger, Jesus"
Ralph Stanley -- "Snow Covered Mound"
Ralph Stanley -- "Stairway To Heaven"
Ralph Stanley -- "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot"
Ralph Stanley -- "Take Me Home"
Ralph Stanley -- "Take Your Shoes Off Moses"
Ralph Stanley -- "Take Your Shoes Off Moses" (live)
Ralph Stanley -- "There'll Be None On The Other Side"
Ralph Stanley -- "This Little Light Of Mine"
Ralph Stanley -- "This Old Troublesome World"
Ralph Stanley -- "Traveling The High Way Home"
Ralph Stanley -- "Troublesome Waters"
Ralph Stanley -- "Turn Back, Turn Back"
Ralph Stanley -- "Two Coats"
Ralph Stanley -- "Two Coats" (alternate version)
Ralph Stanley -- "Two Flowers Blooming"
Ralph Stanley -- "The Uncloudy Day"
Ralph Stanley -- "Waiting For Me"
Ralph Stanley -- "Walking Up This Hill On Declaration Day"
Ralph Stanley -- "Wayfaring Stranger"
Ralph Stanley -- "We Are Drinking From The Fountain"
Ralph Stanley -- "We Shall Sleep"
Ralph Stanley -- "Welcome In"
Ralph Stanley -- "What A Price"
Ralph Stanley -- "When I Wake Up To Sleep No More"
Ralph Stanley -- "While Eternal Ages Roll"
Ralph Stanley -- "White Oak On The Hill"
Ralph Stanley -- "Why Should We Start And Fear To Die"
Ralph Stanley -- "Will He Wait A Little Longer"
Ralph Stanley -- "Will The Circle Be Unbroken"
Ralph Stanley -- "You're Drifting On"

Ralph Stanley II -- "The Angels Are Singing In Heaven"
Ralph Stanley II -- "Are You Proud Of America?"
Ralph Stanley II -- "Four Horsemen"
Ralph Stanley II -- "God Gave You To Me"
Ralph Stanley II -- "Homeward Bound"
Ralph Stanley II -- "Jesus, Saviour Pilot Me"
Ralph Stanley II -- "Lord Help Me Find The Way"
Ralph Stanley II -- "Map Of God's Highway"
Ralph Stanley II -- "Mary, Merry Christmas"
Ralph Stanley II -- "Moms Are The Reason Wild Flowers Grow"
Ralph Stanley II -- "We'll Be Sweethearts In Heaven"
Ralph Stanley II -- "Welcoming Tomb"

Andy Statman -- "The Lord Will Provide" (w/ Ricky Skaggs, vocals)

The Stonemans -- "God Is Alive And Well"

Carl Story -- "Alone"
Carl Story -- "Always Be Kind To Mother"
Carl Story -- "Angel Band" (1975 version)
Carl Story -- "Angels Rock Me To Sleep"
Carl Story -- "Are You Afraid To Die"
Carl Story -- "Are You Walking And Talking For The Lord?"
Carl Story -- "Drifting Too Far From The Shore"
Carl Story -- "An Empty Mansion"
Carl Story -- "Family Reunion"
Carl Story -- "The Fourth Man"
Carl Story -- "Give Me The Roses"
Carl Story -- "Glory, Hallelujah!"
Carl Story -- "Gloryland Way"
Carl Story -- "God Saved My Soul"
Carl Story -- "Gone Home"
Carl Story -- "The Greatest Gift"
Carl Story -- "Hallelujah Homecoming Day"
Carl Story -- "He Will Walk Thru The Shadows With You"
Carl Story -- "He's Always There"
Carl Story -- "Heaven Bound Train"
Carl Story -- "Heavenly Chimes"
Carl Story -- "I Can Tell You The Time"
Carl Story -- "I Feel Like Traveling On"
Carl Story -- "I Saw The Light"
Carl Story -- "I'm Going Home"
Carl Story -- "I'm Ready To Go"
Carl Story -- "I'm Rollin' On"
Carl Story -- "I've Found A Hiding Place"
Carl Story -- "Inside The Gate of The Promised Land"
Carl Story -- "It's A Mighty Hard Road"
Carl Story -- "Just One Way To The Gate"
Carl Story -- "Light At The River"
Carl Story -- "The Lord Is Your Shepherd"
Carl Story -- "Lord Lean On"
Carl Story -- "The Man From Galilee"
Carl Story -- "Michael"
Carl Story -- "A Million Years In Glory"
Carl Story -- "My Lord Keeps A Record"
Carl Story -- "My Loved Ones Are Waiting For Me"
Carl Story -- "New Jerusalem Way"
Carl Story -- "The Newborn King Is Here"
Carl Story -- "Rank Strangers"
Carl Story -- "Rock Of My Soul"
Carl Story -- "Salvation Train"
Carl Story -- "Shine On Me"
Carl Story -- "Shout And Shine"
Carl Story -- "Somebody Touched Me"
Carl Story -- "The Sweetest Gift"
Carl Story -- "Take Me In The Lifeboat"
Carl Story -- "Thank The Lord For Everything"
Carl Story -- "True Life Blues"
Carl Story -- "Unclouded Day"
Carl Story -- "We Shall Meet Someday"
Carl Story -- "When The Angels Carry Me Home"
Carl Story -- "Why Don't You Haul Off And Get Religion?"
Carl Story -- "Will There Be A Traffic Light?"
Carl Story -- "Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?"
Carl Story -- "Will You Pray For Him Today?"
Carl Story -- "You Can't Believe Everything You Hear"

George Strait -- "I Saw God Today"
George Strait -- "Love Without End, Amen"
George Strait -- "My Infinite Love"
George Strait -- "When It's Christmas Time In Texas"
George Strait -- "You'll Be There"

Marty Stuart -- "Porter Wagoner's Grave"

Nat Stuckey & Connie Smith -- "Crumbs From The Table"
Nat Stuckey & Connie Smith -- "Daddy Sang Bass"
Nat Stuckey & Connie Smith -- "Did You Let Your Light Shine?"
Nat Stuckey & Connie Smith -- "God Will"
Nat Stuckey & Connie Smith -- "He Turned The Water Into Wine"
Nat Stuckey & Connie Smith -- "His Love Takes Care Of Me"
Nat Stuckey & Connie Smith -- "If God Is Dead (Who's This Living In My Soul?)"
Nat Stuckey & Connie Smith -- "Now Lord, What Can I Do For You?"
Nat Stuckey & Connie Smith -- "Sunday Morning"
Nat Stuckey & Connie Smith -- "Way Up On The Mountain"
Nat Stuckey & Connie Smith -- "Well It's All Right"
Nat Stuckey & Connie Smith -- "Whispering Hope"

Summertown Road -- "Hide Me, Rock Of Ages"

Sunny Sweeney -- "Mama's Opry"

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