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Scotland's Battlefield Band


Battlefield Band "Battlefield Band" (Temple, 1977)

Battlefield Band "At The Front" (Topic, 1978)

Battlefield Band "Stand Easy/Preview" (Temple, 1979/1980)

Battlefield Band "Home Is Where The Van Is" (Temple, 1980)

Battlefield Band "There's A Buzz" (Temple, 1982)

Battlefield Band "Anthem For The Common Man" (Temple, 1984)

Battlefield Band & Alison Kinnaird "Music In Trust, v.1" (Temple, 1986)

Battlefield Band "On The Rise" (Temple, 1986)

Battlefield Band "Celtic Hotel" (Temple, 1987)

Battlefield Band "After Hours: Forward To Scotland's Past" (Temple, 1987)

Battlefield Band & Alison Kinnaird "Music In Trust, v.2" (Temple, 1988)

Battlefield Band "Home Ground" (Temple, 1989)

Battlefield Band "New Spring" (Temple, 1991)

Battlefield Band "Opening Moves" (Topic, 1993)

Battlefield Band "Quiet Days" (Temple, 1993)

Battlefield Band "Threads" (Temple, 1995)

Battlefield Band "Across The Borders" (Temple, 1997)

Battlefield Band "Rain, Hail Or Shine" (Temple, 1998)

Battlefield Band "Leaving Friday Harbour" (Temple, 2000)

Battlefield Band "Happy Daze" (Temple, 2001)
Scotland's finest trad band unleashes their new secret weapon -- vocalist Karine Polwart, who emerges as one of the most striking new faces on the Celtic music scene. Warm, inviting, and capable of an easy glide between classic and contemporary forms, Polwart brings a softness to the Battlefield's normally somewhat austere sound. There seems to be a sympathetic response from her new bandmates, tempering the shrillness of their accordion-and-bagpipe led instrumentals, while accenting Alan Reid's mellower side as a singer. This is easily one of their best, most accessible albums... highly recommended!

Battlefield Band "Time & Tide" (Temple, 2002)
Although I lament the absence of vocalist Karine Polwart, this is another of Battlefield's best. The band's original guitarist, Pat Kilbride, is back after a 20-year absence (productively spent establishing his solo career), while the young multi-instrumentalist Alasdair White also comes on board, replacing longtime fiddler John McCusker (who is presumably devoting himself to his work with singer Kate Rusby..) At any rate, this is a solid album, the instrumental numbers sounding more fluid and less severe than on previous albums, and the (all male) vocals sounding similarly smooth, yet earthy. Highly recommended.

Battlefield Band "Out For The Night" (Temple, 2004)

Battlefield Band "The Road Of Tears" (Temple, 2006)

Battlefield Band "Dookin' " (Temple, 2007)


Battlefield Band "The Best Of Battlefield Band" (Temple, 2003)


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