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Pierre Bensusan portrait French guitarist and folklorist Pierre Bensusan


Pierre Bensusan "Pres De Paris" (Rounder, 1975)
The first solo album by French acoustic guitarist Pierre Bensusan, recorded when he was only seventeen years old. It's an extraordinarily beautiful record, soulful and richly performed, and very much in the style of British folk revivalists such as John Renbourn, Nic Jones and Bert Jansch (with even a hint of Steeleye Span on a rock-tinged tune or two...) as well as French contemporaries such as Gabriel Yacoub. American bluegrass banjoist Bill Keith chimes in on "Sunday Hornpipes," underscoring the connections between American mountain music and traditional European music; the other musicians are all from Bensusan's French cohorts, and each song is performed with great elegance and emotional depth. Highly recommended!

Pierre Bensusan "Pierre Bensusan 2" (Rounder, 1977)

Pierre Bensusan "Musiques" (Rounder, 1979)

Pierre Bensusan "Solilai" (Rounder, 1981)

Pierre Bensusan "Spices" (Rounder, 1988)

Pierre Bensusan "Wu Wei" (Rounder, 1993)

Pierre Bensusan & Didier Malherbe "Live Au New Morning/Live In Paris" (Zebra, 1997)

Pierre Bensusan "Intuite" (Favored Nations, 2001)

Pierre Bensusan/Various Artists "An Evening With International Guitar Night" (Favored Nations, 2004)

Pierre Bensusan "Altiplanos" (Favored Nations, 2005)

Pierre Bensusan "Vividly" (Favored Nations, 2010)


Pierre Bensusan "Nice Feeling" (Zebra, 1999)
A best-of collection...

Pierre Bensusan "A La Carte" (DADGAD, 2009)
A best-of set...

Pierre Bensusan "In Concert" (DVD) (Vestapol, 2004)


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