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Graham and Eileen Pratt portrait Graham and Eileen Pratt are old-school English trad-folk singers, experts in the odd, keening harmonies and regional story-songs that make the style so great. Since the mid-1970s, the Pratts have recorded several albums of their own, as well as being part of the band Regal Slip, and helping organize singing projects such as the Sheffield Folk Chorale. Here's a quick look at their work.


Graham & Eileen Pratt "Clean Air Of The Day" (Kissing Spell, 1976)

Graham & Eileen Pratt "To Friend And Foe" (Dingle's Records, 1980) (LP)

Graham & Eileen Pratt "Hieroglyphics" (Plant Life, 1985) (LP)

Graham & Eileen Pratt "Borders Of The Ocean" (Grail, 1997)

Graham & Eileen Pratt "Early Birds" (Grail, 1999)

Graham & Eileen Pratt "The Greek King's Daughter" (Grail, 2008)

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Regal Slip "Bandstand" (Dingle's Records, 1981)

Carolyn Robson "Banks Of Tyne" (Dingle's Records, 1981)

Sheffield Folk Chorale "No Easy Trade" (xxxxxxx, xxxxxxx)

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