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Silly Wizard "Caledonia's Hardy Sons" (Shanachie, 1978)

Silly Wizard "So Many Partings" (Shanachie, 1980)

Silly Wizard "Wild And Beautiful" (Shanachie, 1981)

Silly Wizard "Kiss The Tears Away" (Highway/Shanachie, 1983)
A later album by this Scottish quartet... Both lead singer Andy M. Stewart and instrumental whiz Phil Cunningham have a tendency towards the sugary and florid, which is quite pronounced on this disc. It's not a bad record, by any means -- the instrumentation is mostly all acoustic, and their performance is low-key and effective. But as with many Silly Wizard albums, the folk-scene mellowness and understated tone make it seem a bit too reserved and mannered. It's okay, but it didn't really wow me. Plenty of other folks really dig this album, though, so take my comments with a grain of salt.

Silly Wizard "A Glint Of Silver" (Green Linnet, 1986)

Silly Wizard "Live Wizardry: The Best Of Silly Wizard In Concert" (Green Linnet, 1988)


Silly Wizard "The Best Of Silly Wizard" (Shanachie, 1985)


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