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Portrait of Dick Annegarn A Dutch troubadour who embraced the French language and found himself embraced by it in turn, Dick Annegarn became popular in the 1970s as a champion of a resurgent chanson movement, updating the French popular ballad tradition while embracing newer, more avant-garde elements. In turn, he has been lionized by a new generations of singers who are similarly expanding the style...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Dick Annegarn "Bruxelles: The Best Of Dick Annegarn" (Polygram, 1998)+
This generously programmed 2-CD set includes all the material from his first three albums, and a bit of the fourth... Sounds cool!

Dick Annegarn "Dick Annegarn" (Universal/Polygram, 1998)
Another best-of set...

Dick Annegarn "Le Meilleur De Dick Annegarn" (Universal, 2000)+
A 23-track, single-disc set, also covering his early years...

Dick Annegarn "Les Annees Nocturnes" (Tot Ou Tard, 2007)
A 3-CD set reissuing three albums originally released between 1985-1990: Frere?, Ullegarra, and Chansons Fleuves.

Discography - Albums

Dick Annegarn "Sacre Geranium" (Polygram, 1974)

Dick Annegarn "Je Te Vois" (1974)

Dick Annegarn "Mireille" (Polygram, 1975)

Dick Annegarn "Anticyclone" (1976)

Dick Annegarn "De Ce Spectacle Ici Sur Terre" (1978)

Dick Annegarn "Ferraillages" (1980)

Dick Annegarn "Citoyen" (1981)

Dick Annegarn "140 BXL" (1984)

Dick Annegarn "Frere?" (1986)

Dick Annegarn "Ullegarra" (1990)

Dick Annegarn "Chansons Fleuves" (1990)

Dick Annegarn "IneDick" (1992)

Dick Annegarn "Approche Toi" (Tot Ou Tard, 1997)

Dick Annegarn "Adieu Verdure" (Tot Ou Tard, 1999)

Dick Annegarn "Au Cirque d'Hiver" (Tot Ou Tard, 2000)
A live album...

Dick Annegarn "Un Ombre" (Tot Ou Tard, 2002)

Dick Annegarn "Plouc" (Tot Ou Tard, 2005)

Dick Annegarn "Soleil Du Soir" (Warner-France, 2008)
This album is pure Annegarn, filled with intriguing arrangements, replete with blues and country touches, all framing his typically torturous vocals. American folkie Terry Callier comes to mind, although Annegarn is much rougher on the ears, and I would definitely class this as an album for devoted fans only... The idle observer (like me) might find it a little hard to take. Still, he's got supporters and fans whose own work I appreciate: one album highlight is the track "Le Nombril", which features contributions by Mathieu Boogaerts and Vincent Delerm, two artists I really dig. Worth checking out, but definitely challenging.

Dick Annegarn & Daniel Schell "Egmont And The F.F. Boom"

Dick Annegarn "Folk Talk" (Tot Ou Tard, 2011)

Tributes & Related Records

Dick Annegarn/Various Artists "Le Grand Diner" (Tot Ou Tard, 2006)
A tribute album/celebration of Annegarn's thirtieth anniversary in the music biz. Guests include Alain Bashung, Alain Souchon, Jeanne Cherhal, Arthur H. and others, as well as Annegarn himself, in various duets.


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