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Zeca Baleiro portrait After a decade on the outside of Brazil's music industry, Zeca Baleiro emerged as a leading voice in the new rock/pop scene of the 1990s. He is equally well-known as a songwriter and performer, and as a collaborator with a number of established artists. Here's a quick look at his work...


Zeca Baleiro "Por Onde Andara Stephen Fry?" (Universal, 1997)

Zeca Baleiro "Vo Imbola" (MZA, 1999)

Zeca Baleiro "Liricas" (Universal, 2001)

Zeca Baleiro & Raimundo Fagner "Daqui Pra La, De La Pra Ca" (Universal, 2003)

Zeca Baleiro & Raimundo Fagner "Raimundo Fagner & Zeca Baleiro" (Universal-Indie, 2003)
A surprisingly effective, pleasant collaboration between indie-ish rocker Baleiro and Raimundo Fagner, an '80s rock/soft pop star whose work became both proggish and super-wimpy. This gentle, multi-layered album offers a wide variety of tropical styles, from modernized samba-pop to the Hawaiianized mariachi of "Cantor De Bolero," which closes the album. These two really seem to have hit a warm, profoundly sympathetic mutual vibe, where the music flows easily and sounds soulful and accomplished. I hadn't expected a lot from this record when I picked it up, and have been pleasantly surprised and consistently engaged each time I've listened to it. Very nice stuff, definitely recommended! (Also known as Daqui Pra La, De La Pra Ca, although the copy I have does not list that as the album title, just as one of the songs... )

Zeca Baleiro "Pet Shop Mundo Cao" (Universal, 2004)

Zeca Baleiro "Baladas Do Asfalto E Outros Blues" (Universal, 2005)

Zeca Baleiro "Baladas Do Asfalto E Outros Blues -- Ao Vivo" (Universal, 2006)

Zeca Baleiro "Lado Z" (2007)

Zeca Baleiro "Perfil" (Som Livre, 2004)


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