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Wanderley Cardoso portrait Like his contemporary Roberto Carlos, teen heartthrob Wanderley Cardoso was a romantic balladeer who was identified with the 1960s jovem guarda scene, and who continued his career as a more mature, romantic pop vocalist, also branching out into the lucrative Spanish-language pop market. Here's a quick look at his work...


Wanderley Cardoso "O Jovem Romantico" (Copacabana, 1964)
The first album by teen balladeer Wanderley Cardoso... It's simply awful...! Sure, I guess technically he could be lumped in with the whole jovem guarda teenpop scene, but really he's just singing overripe romantic vocals material, with lots of gooey, string-y arrangements and a big nod towards the lethargic boleros of a generation earlier. There's really very little here that places him within the "youth culture," other than his thin, tremulous voice. This is pretty torturous to listen to... Love htat narcissistic image of him gazing adoringly into the mirror, though!

Wanderley Cardoso "Perdidamente Apaixonado" (Copacabana, 1965)

Wanderley Cardoso "Juventude E Ternura" (Copacabana - 1966)

Wanderley Cardoso "O Bom Rapaz" (Copacabana, 1967)

Wanderley Cardoso "Socorro Nosso Amor Esta Morrendo" (Copacabana, 1968)

Wanderley Cardoso "Wanderley Cardoso "Wanderley Cardoso" (Copacabana, 1968)

Wanderley Cardoso "Quando O Amor Se Transforma Em Poesia" (Copacabana, 1969)

Wanderley Cardoso "Renascer" (Continental/UA, 1970)
Trying to crack into the Spanish-language pop market, Cardoso is even tamer and more cheesy than with his Portuguese-speaking audiences. Not a lot here to hold my interest.

Wanderley Cardoso "So O Amor Constroi" (Continental, 1971)
Don't let the love beads fool you: once again, he's about as vigorous or rebellious a performer as Bobby Sherman. Sort of a morph between Roberto Carlos and David Cassidy, although he does hit a few funky notes on songs such as "Eu Nao Nasci Pra Ser Feliz," Cardoso apparently never met a backbeat he wanted to bring home for dinner. If he'd been recording up in the States, I'm sure he could have landed a spot or two on The Tonight Show... Monterey Pop or Woodstock, however, would not have been his scene.

Wanderley Cardoso "Wanderley Cardoso" (Copacabana, 1972)

Wanderley Cardoso "Wanderley Cardoso" (Copacabana, 1973)

Wanderley Cardoso "Wanderley Cardoso" (Copacabana, 1974)

Wanderley Cardoso "Wanderley Cardoso" (Copacabana, 1976)

Wanderley Cardoso "Wanderley Cardoso" (Copacabana, 1977)

Wanderley Cardoso "Wanderley Cardoso" (Copacabana, 1982)

Wanderley Cardoso "Wanderley Cardoso" (Copacabana, 1987)

Wanderley Cardoso "Wanderley Cardoso" (Tarot, 1996)

Wanderley Cardoso "Momentos" (Albatroz, 1998)

Wanderley Cardoso "Ao Vivo" (Gema, 2000)

Wanderley Cardoso "2-Em-1" (EMI, 2003)
A twofer reissue that combines two full albums, Wanderley Cardoso and Soccoro Nosso Amor Morrendo, both from 1968.

Wanderley Cardoso "Selecao Do Ouro: 20 Sucessos" (EMI, 2002)

Wanderley Cardoso "40 Anos Do Bom Rapaz" (EMI, 2006)

Wanderley Cardoso "Serie Bis: Jovem Guarda" (EMI, 2000)


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