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Mario Castro-Neves portrait Pianist Mario Castro-Neves, brother of multi-instrumentalist Oscar Castro-Neves, worked prolifically as a session player and arranger during the 1950s/60s bossa-jazz boom, yet he recorded infrequently as a bandleader himself. Here's a quick look at his work...


Jovem Braza "Samba Jovem" (RCA Victor/Vik, 1966)
This teen-oriented project included Mario Castro-Neves, along with bassist Novelli as well as guitarists Chico Feitosa and Pedrinho (of the jovem guarda rock band, The Fevers), jamming together on a fusion of bossa nova and teenybopper rock...

Mario Castro-Neves "... & Samba S.A." (RCA, 1967)
This is his debut album for the RCA label, a vocals-oriented disc that starts out sounding a bit like early Sergio Mendes, but is soon dominated by the female vocal duo of Biba & Thais, who are basically a clunkier (yet paradoxically more entertaining) two-voice version of the vocal gymnastic style of the better-known Quarteto Em Cy. Fine in small doses, though you might find yourself driven to distraction should you attempt to listen to this disc from start to finish. Still, it's a nice slice of the old-school Brazilian jazz scene, and better than average for the times -- also on board is bass player Novelli, who later moved into the Conjunto 3D. Includes a handful of songs sung in English, as well as several of the requisite bossa standards.

Mario Castro-Neves "Brazilian Mood" (Vocalion, 1973)

Mario Castro-Neves "The Latin Band Of Mario Castro-Neves" (Vivid Sound, 1978)

Mario Castro-Neves "Clear Bossa Day" (Pioneer, 2004)


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