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Ceumar Coelho portrait Ceumar (Ceumar Coelho) is a Brazilian singer from the Minas Gerais area who became part of the Sao Paulo music scene. Championed by rock-MPB star Zeca Baleiro, Ceumar has recorded several independent albums... Here's a quick look at her work...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Ceumar "Sons Do Brasil: Dindinha" (ARC Music, 2012)
(Produced by Zeca Baleiro)

A nice sampling of the work of Brazilian singer Ceumar Coelho, a gal from Minas Gerais with a beautiful voice and a wide stylistic range. She was "discovered" by MPB-rock star Zeca Baleiro, who produced this album and wrote several of the songs, and performs on several tracks, along with other musicians such as Dante Ozzetti, Swami Jr., and a slew of folks who aren't on my radar. This is very pretty-sounding material, touching on folk-pop, bossa, forro and soft samba, all very mellow and lulling, and mostly acoustic-based... This gathers album tracks and some live stuff as well... Fans of Marisa Monte, Nazare Perreira or Bebel Gilberto might enjoy this as well. Definitely worth a spin!

Discography - Albums

Ceumar "Dindinha" (Atracao, 1999)
(Produced by Zeca Baleiro)

Ceumar "Sempre Viva" (Elo Music, 2003)

Ceumar & Dante Ozzetti "Achou!" (MCD, 2006)

Ceumar "Meu Nome" (Circus Producoes, 2009)
Live in Sao Paulo...

Ceumar "Live In Amsterdam" (2010)


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