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Rildo Hora portrait Rildo Alexandre Barreto da Hora, better known as Rildo Hora is a prolific composer, arranger and record producer, as well as a harmonica player of great renown. Hora is perhaps best known as a producer for countless samba albums, notably for sambista Martinho Da Vila, Joao Bosco, Grupo Fundo De Quintal, and many others. Here's a quick look at his own work as a solo artist...


Rildo Hora E O Clube Dos 7 "Samba Made In Brazil" (Copacabana, 1964)
A fun early album by harmonica virtuouso Rildo Hora, who later made his name as a samba producer in the 1970s and '80s, working with Martinho Da Vila and a host of other top-flight artists. Recorded during the "jazz trio" boom of the bossa nova years, this is a simple, bouncy set of jazzy instrumentals, with Hora toot-tootling the lead with his gaita (harmonica), employed as a lead instrument in bouncy bossa-samba mix, in much the same way Walter Wanderley used the electric organ. Generally speaking, I find the harmonica a questionable lead instrument for jazz and pop production, but hey... each to their own. This is certainly one of Hora's best solo albums... it's lively and engaging without trying too hard to impress us with its musical depth. And, in a funny way, it's actually a little better than most of the bossa trio albums of the time, which usually were led by markedly unsubtle piano players... At least with the harmonica, you know right away not to take it too seriously... If nothing else, this disc is an interesting footnote in the long career of one of Brazil's best-known studio wizards...

Rildo Hora "A Vez E A Hora De Rildo Hora" (RCA, 1971)
An odd effort by harmonica virtuouso Rildo Hora, in which he tries his hand at singing himself, mixing vocal numbers with instrumental tunes, crooning, playing guitar and tootling on the gaita (harmonica). I'm generally not a fan of the harmonica as a lead instrument, but for those of you out there who are, this album will be a real treat. Otherwise, this disc can be seen as a musical and historical curio, both as an unusual-sounding pop-samba album, and as an interesting footnote to the career of one of Brazil's most influential studio producers. I wasn't wild about it, but I'm glad I checked it out.

Rildo Hora "Em Ritmo De Danca" (Som)

Rildo Hora "Rildo Hora E Sergio Cabral" (RCA, 1980)

Rildo Hora & Sivuca "Sanfona E Realejo" (Warner/East-West, 1987)
(Produced by Rildo Hora & Sivuca)

Energetic all-instrumental collaborations between avant accordionist Sivuca and samba-jazz producer/harmonica master Rildo Hora. The music is pretty cheesy -- the kind of jazz I really can't stand, but on the fast passages, Hora really kicks ass on the harmonica. I mean, seriously, he is technically quite amazing. It's kinda icky music, but your jaw will drop when you hear what this guy can do on the harp.

Rildo Hora "O Tocador Do Realejo" (RCA, 1987)

Rildo Hora "Realejo Forrozeiro: Rildo Hora Interpreta Luiz Gonzaga" (Paulus, 1988)

Rildo Hora & Romero Lubambo "Autonomia" (Visom, 1990)

Rildo Hora "Espraiado" (Caju/Milestone, 1992)
Yuck. Horrible easy listening jazz, featuring Hora working through a set of MPB and bossa nova cover tunes, and several of his own original compositions. I really like most of the other Caju label albums, but this is really scary, tacky stuff. Listen at your own peril.

Rildo Hora "Romance" (Visom, 2003)

Rildo Hora "Ano Novo" (Rob, 2003)


Rildo Hora "Virtuoso" (Visom, 1996)
A best-of set...


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