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Inocentes portrait Inocentes were a popular punk rock band from Sao Paulo... I haven't heard much of their stuff, but if anyone has recommendations for particular albums to shoot for, feel free to let me know.


Inocentes "Arquivo Warner: Panico Em S.P./Adeus Carne" (Warner Brothers, 2001)
Reissue of two early albums by this seminal Sao Paulo punk band...

Inocentes "Panico Em S.P." (Warner, 1986)

Inocentes "Adeus Carne" (Warner, 1987)

Inocentes "Miseria E Fome" (Devil Discos, 1983/2001)
Second-string "hardcore" punk, midway between the fast hardcore of the '80s and the sludgy grindcore stuff "the kids" started playing towards the end of the century. There's a hint of the Misfits in there as well, but not enough to keep my attention. I'll pass. Apparently, BRock legend Cazuza was in this band as well, between his Barao Vermelho days and his solo career, although I'm not sure if he was on this album. (He's not listed in any of the credits, so I'll assume not until I hear otherwise...)

Inocentes "Inocentes" (Warner, 1989)

Inocentes "Estilhacos" (Cameratti, 1992)

Inocentes "Subterraneos" (Eldorado, 1994)

Inocentes "Ruas" (Paradoxx, 1997)

Inocentes "Embalado A Vacuo" (Abril, 1999)

Inocentes "Garotos Do Suburbio" (RDS, 1999)

Inocentes "O Barulho Dos Inocentes" (Abril, 2000)

Inocentes "20 Anos Ao Vivo" (RDS, 2002)

Inocentes "e-Collection" (Warner Brothers, 2002)

Inocentes "Dois E Dmais" (Warner, 2000)

Inocentes "Labirinto" (2005)


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