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Moraes Moreira portrait A founding member of the experimental rock band, Novos Baianos, guitarist Moraes Moreira set out as a solo artist in the mid-1970s, still mixing regional Brazilian styles with modern pop and rock, with a hefty dose of Bahian samba thrown in as well. I haven't had a lot of opportunity to check his solo work out yet, but I've enjoyed what I've heard so far...


Moraes Moreira "Moraes Moreira" (Som Livre, 1975)

Moraes Moreira "Cara E Coracao" (Som Livre, 1977) (LP)
(Produced by Guta Graca Mello & Joao Mello)

In keeping with his work with Novos Baianos, Moreira blends avant-pop with giddy trio eletrico frevo... The aggressive frevo leads get a little static after a while, but there are some challenging, expansive songs that break out of the pattern, notably the trancelike, hypnotic "Samba Da Bahia De Todos Os Santos" and the funky, Gilberto Gil-ish "Meiufiu." There are also fado-like acoustic passages that show Moreira's breadth... All in all, a nice, creative, very 1970s album. Recommended!

Moraes Moreira "Alto Falante" (Som Livre, 1978) (LP)

Moraes Moreira "La Vem O Brasil Descendo A Ladeira" (Som Livre, 1979)

Moraes Moreira "Bazar Brasileira" (Ariola, 1980)

Moraes Moreira "Moraes Moreira" (Ariola, 1981)

Moraes Moreira "Coisa Acesa" (Ariola, 1982)

Moraes Moreira "Pintando O Oito" (Ariola, 1983)

Moraes Moreira "Mancha De Dende Nao Sai" (CBS, 1984)

Moraes Moreira "Tocando A Vida" (CBS, 1986)

Moraes Moreira "Mestico E Isso" (CBS, 1987)

Moraes Moreira "Republica De Musica" (CBS, 1988)

Moraes Moreira "Bahiano Fala Cantando" (CBS, 1988)

Moraes Moreira & Pepeu Gomes "Moraes E Pepeu" (WEA, 1990)

Moraes Moreira & Pepeu Gomes "Moraes E Pepeu No Japao" (WEA, 1991)

Moraes Moreira "Cidadao" (Sony, 1991)

Moraes Moreira "Terreiro Do Mundo" (Polygram, 1993)

Moraes Moreira "Tem Um Pe No Pelo" (Som Livre, 1993)

Moraes Moreira "O Brasil Tem Conserto" (Polygram, 1994)

Moraes Moreira "Acustico" (EMI-Virgin, 1995)

Moraes Moreira "Estados" (Virgin, 1996)

Moraes Moreira "50 Carnavais" (Virgin, 1997)

Moraes Moreira "500 Sambas" (Abril, 1999)

Moraes Moreira "Bahiao Com H" (Atracao, 2000)

Moraes Moreira "Meu Nome E Brasil" (Universal, 2003)

Moraes Moreira "De Repente" (Rob Digital, 2005)


Moraes Moreira "Brilhantes" (Sony, 1999)

Moraes Moreira "Serie Bis" (EMI, 2000)
An interesting collection of very late material by one of the hotshot guitarists from Novos Baianos, one of the best bands from the post-tropicalia '70s rock boom. This is surprisingly good best-of, considering how late in the game it was for this guy (1995-97). Overall this 2-CD set tilts towards lavishly produced, somewhat goofy soft-rock/pop material, although there are also several lovely and graceful tunes, with plenty of traditional material. I imagine it's been said before, but Moraes is sort of a Brazilian equivalent to Carlos Santana: deeply in touch with traditional roots, but inexorably drawn to cheesier pop material. Still, if you'd like to check out what he's done post-Baianos, this collection is reasonably priced and not as scary as you might imagine.

Moraes Moreira "Para Sempre" (EMI, 2001)

Moraes Moreira "As Melhores" (Columbia, 2002)
Similarly, this 14-song best-of, drawn from his Sony years, demonstrates Moreira's solid musical chops, but is just a little too glossy and "pop" for the subtle side of his music to sink in. It's like a cheesy pop gloss has been laid directly on top of otherwise interesting, acoustic-based regional music. A more straight, acoustic approach might help: you can tell these are good songs, with their mix of Amazonian and Northeastern folk styles and rock-pop production, but the synths and echo-y production take over the show, and are just irritating enough to chase off more traditionally-oriented listeners like myself. And the electric guitar solos are just plain irritating. Almost, but not quite.

Moraes Moreira "Perolas" (Som Livre, 2002)
A prime opportunity to check out Moreira's earliest solo work, recorded in the mid-1970s for the Som Livre label...

Moraes Moreira & Pepeu Gomes "e-Collection" (WEA, 2002)
A 2-CD set collecting their brief 1990-91 reunion and tour... Some stuff from the studio and some live tracks, too...

Moraes Moreira "Millennium" (Universal, 2003)

Moraes Moreira "The Essential Moraes Moreira" (EMI, 2004)
This is less a best-of than a near-complete reissue of Moreira's MTV Acustico album, with several bonus tracks from 1996's Estados. Nice stuff from late in his career.

Moraes Moreira "Serie Retratos" (EMI, 2004)
This... um... also rehashes a lot of that acoustic album... Slightly different playlist, fewer songs. Um... Okay.

Moraes Moreira "Serie Talento" (EMI, 2004)

Moraes Moreira "A Arte De Moraes Moreira" (Universal, 2005)


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