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Noite Ilustrada portrait Mario de Souza Marques Filho, aka Noite Ilustrada (1928-2003) was a powerful Brazilian balladeer from the 1960s who sang in the big-bandish gafieira style, as well as a robust variety of samba-pop. He took his name from a musical revue he had performed in, and recorded dozens of albums over several decades. Here's a quick look at his career...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Noite Ilustrada "20 Super Sucessos" (Universal-Brazil, 2000)

Noite Ilustrada "Resgatando" (Atracao, 2007)

Noite Ilustrada "Leva Meu Samba" (Warner-Brazil, 2007)

Noite Ilustrada "Nova Serie" (Warner-Brazil, 2008)

Noite Ilustrada "Bem Melhor" (Atracao, 2009)

Noite Ilustrada "Os Grandes Sucessos De..." (Atracao, 2011)

Discography - Albums

Noite Ilustrada "Cara De Boboca" (Mocambo, 1960)
Awesome! A swinging set of samba-gafieira, with lively vocals from Noite Ilustrada and zippy accompaniment mixing big band, samba and baiao and a perky female chorus on several songs (anyone now who was singing backup on this one?) Also nice is the presence of a bunch of now-obscure composers: Noite Ilustrada wrote three songs, there's one oldie by Lupicinio Rodrigues, several from Edmundo Andrade, and then several other less well-known tunesmiths. Great record, definitely worth tracking down!

Noite Ilustrada "O Ilustre" (Philips, 1962)

Noite Ilustrada "Noite Ilustrada" (Philips, 1963)

Noite Ilustrada "Noite Do Rio" (Philips, 1964)

Noite Ilustrada "Caminhando" (Philips, 1965)

Noite Ilustrada "Depois Do Carnaval" (Odeon, 1966)

Noite Ilustrada "Noite Ilustrada" (Continental, 1969)
Bold ballads and muscular, big-bandish gafieira samba-swing, similar to the work of Jamelao. Good, but a little too aggressive... The big, brassy orchestral arrangements require Noite Ilustrada to really belt it out and crowd out his more subtle vocal turns, as well as softer, slinkier instruments such as the cavaquinho (as well as any small-scale samba percussion, which I couldn't detect on many tracks...) But if you'd like to hear Brazilian samba taken to punchy, bombastic, Sinatra-esque heights, this record certainly delivers a big wallop. It's fun, in its way, although I prefer a slightly more subtle approach.

Noite Ilustrada "Revivendo O Mestre Ataulfo" (Continental, 1969)

Noite Ilustrada "Samba Sem Problemas" (Continental, 1970)

Noite Ilustrada & Isaura Garcia "Papo Furado" (Continental, 1970)

Noite Ilustrada "Noite Ilustrada" (Continental, 1971)

Noite Ilustrada "...Interpreta Marques Filho" (Continental, 1972)

Noite Ilustrada "Samba E Comigo Mesmo" (Continental, 1972)

Noite Ilustrada "Samba Sem Hora Marcada" (Continental, 1974)

Noite Ilustrada "Noite Ilustrada" (Tapecar, 1975)

Noite Ilustrada "Noite Ilustrada" (Tapecar, 1976)

Noite Ilustrada "Nao Me Deixe So" (Continental, 1978)

Noite Ilustrada "A Vontade" (Continental, 1979)

Noite Ilustrada "O Fino Do Samba, v.2" (WEA, 1981)

Noite Ilustrada "A Profecia" (Fermata, 1982)

Noite Ilustrada "Cada Fez Melhor" (Polydisc, 1986)

Noite Ilustrada "Eu Sou O Samba" (Camerati, 1998)

Noite Ilustrada "Perfil De Um Sambista" (Trama, 2001)
The final record by this 'Fifties samba-cancao singer/guitarist, whose real name was Mario de Souza Marques Filho, and who died in 2003 at 75 years of age. A sweet, lively set of newly recorded songs that are reflective of his "radio singers" era work in the '50s and '60s. Noite Ilustrada, who took his name from an early musical review he starred in, was closely associated with the Portela samba school, and gives a few shout-outs throughout this fine album... It's a nice record, very nostalgic and old-fashioned, and well worth checking out.

Noite Ilustrada "Canta Lupicinio Rodrigues" (Atracao, 2003)

Noite Ilustrada "Canta Atualfo Alves" (Atracao, 2003)


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