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Dilermando Reis portrait Dilermando Reis (1916-1977) was one of the finest acoustic guitarists of his generation, a master of Brazilian choro as well as Latin/Spanish and classical guitar. He was a popular performer on regional radio and a prolific composer and recording artist, with records spanning back as far as the early 1940s up until his passing nearly four decades later. Here's a quick look at his work...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Dilermando Reis "Noite De Estrelas" (Revivendo, 2007)

Discography - Albums

Dilermando Reis "Dilermando Reis" (Continental, 1956)

Dilermando Reis "Sua Majestade O Violao" (Continental, 1956)

Dilermando Reis "Abismo De Rosas" (Continental, 1958)

Dilermando Reis "Volta Ao Mundo Com Dilermando Reis" (Continental, 1958)

Dilermando Reis "Melodias Da Alvorada" (Continental, 1960)
Recording with the Radames Gnattali orchestra...

Dilermando Reis "Abismo De Rosas" (Continental, 1960)

Dilermando Reis "Presenca De Dilermando Reis" (Continental, 1962) (LP)

Dilermando Reis & Francisco Petronio "Uma Voz E Um Violao" (Continental, 1962)

Dilermando Reis "Uma Voz E Um Violao, v.2: Em Serenata" (Continental, 1963)

Dilermando Reis "Junto A Teu Coracao" (Continental, 1964)

Dilermando Reis "Meu Amigo Violao" (Continental, 1965)

Dilermando Reis "Gotas De Lagrimas" (Continental, 1965)

Dilermando Reis "Sua Majestade, O Violao" (Continental, 1965)

Dilermando Reis "Junto A Teu Coracao" (Continental, 1965) (LP)

Dilermando Reis "Subindo Ao Ceu" (Continental, 1966)
A lovely set of solo guitar, with a few uptempo tunes, but more of it in a mellower, elegant Spanish/classical mode. Almost all the songs are Reis' own compositions and they are uniformly rich and rewarding. Recommended.

Dilermando Reis "Recordacoes" (Continental, 1967) (LP)

Dilermando Reis "Saudade De Ouro Preto" (Continental, 1968)

Dilermando Reis "Dilermando Reis" (Continental, 1968)

Dilermando Reis "Dilermando Reis" (Continental, 1969)

Dilermando Reis "Grand Prix" (Continental, 1970)

Dilermando Reis "Dilermando Reis" (Continental, 1970)

Dilermando Reis "Dilermando Reis" (Continental, 1971)

Dilermando Reis "Uma Voz E Um Violao Em Serenata, v.6" (Continental, 1971)

Dilermando Reis "Dilermando Reis Interpreta Pixinguinha" (Continental, 1972)
An absolutely beautiful solo acoustic guitar album. This tribute to choro pioneer Pixinguinha takes the normally manic pace of these well-known instrumental tunes and slows them to an elegant, sensual pace, bringing it into the more relaxed, resonany tempo of the classical world. It shows just as much virtuosity, just with a very different feel. I love this record: it's very listenable and very lovely, and very unlike most of the other Brazilian music I've heard. Highly recommended! (Reissued on CD as Dilermando Reis Toca Pixinguinha.)

Dilermando Reis "Homenagem A Ernesto Nazareth" (Continental, 1973) (LP)

Dilermando Reis "Uma Voz E Um Violao Em Serenata, v.7" (Continental, 1973)

Dilermando Reis "O Violao Brasileiro De..." (Continental, 1975)
Although I didn't find this album as striking as his Pixinguinha tribute, this is still a lovely record, with delicate, delectable guitar work. If you like Baden Powell or Luiz Bonfa, you might wanna check this out as well. Recommended.

Dilermando Reis "Concerto #1 Para Violao E Orquestra" (Continental, 1976) (LP)

Dilermando Reis "O Melhor De Dilermando Reis" (Continental, 1977) (LP)

Dilermando Reis "Dilermando Reis" (Continental, 1978)

Dilermando Reis & Radames Gnattali "Presenca De Dilermando" (Continental, 1978) (LP)

Dilermando Reis "Dilermando Reis No Choro" (Continental, 1978)

Dilermando Reis "Aplausos" (Continental, 1979)

Dilermando Reis/Waldir Azevedo/Altamiro Carrilho "Juntos" (Warner Brasil, 2007)


Rafael Rabello "Relendo Dilermando Reis" (1994)



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