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Secos & Molhados portrait Sao Paulo's short-lived Secos & Molhados were one of Brazil's biggest rock bands of the early 1970s, a glammish hard rock/psychedelic group that took its cues from tropicalia rockers such as Os Mutantes, but added a Bowie-esque spin. Their androgynous lead singer Ney Matogrosso gave the group much of its trangressional allure, and it was Matogrosso who had the longest and most successful career after the band broke up, although guitarists Conrad Gerson and Joao Ricardo made a go of it as well. Here's a quick look at their work...


Secos & Molhados "Secos & Molhados" (MCA, 1973)
(Produced by Joao Ricardo & Moracy Do Val)

A powerful debut. Psychedelic glam-folk from Sao Paulo, with convincingly androgyne vocals by Ney Matogrosso. Vocally, he sounds a lot like Rita Lee, and I mean that it the best way... Os Mutantes fans should really get off on these records, which build on the same nutty rocknroll eclecticism. What else can I say? This is cool. Some of the best Brazilian rock I've heard yet, with sly wisps of acoustic folk, forro and space rock skillfully woven together. Along with Matogrosso, the band included guitarists Conrad Gerson and Joao Ricardo... and fellow pop-rockster Ze Rodrix was also in on the fun, playing piano and synthesizer (although he was not offically part of the band...) Highly recommended!

Secos & Molhados "Secos & Molhados" (Continental, 1974)
(Produced by Joao Ricardo)

Another cool album from this groundbreaking band... Matogrosso continued on in the same vein for his first solo album...

Secos & Molhados "Secos & Molhados (1973)/Secos & Molhados (1973)" (Warner, 1999)
This 2-in-1 reissue collects the first two Secos albums...

Secos & Molhados "Gravado Ao Vivo No Maracanazinho" (Continental, 1980)

Secos & Molhados "Memoria Velha" (Eldorado)
This is a later studio album, mainly a solo effort of Secos founding member Joao Ricardo, who recorded several albums under both his name and that of the band, after the original lineup split in '74. Hmmmmm.

Secos & Molhados "25 Anos" (Warner, 2001)

Secos & Molhados "30 Anos" (Warner, 2008)


Various Artists "ASSIM ASSADO: TRIBUTO AO SECOS E MOLHADOS" (Deckdisc, 2003)


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