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Belo Velloso portrait Belo Velloso (yes, spelled with two "L"s) is the niece of Bahian superstars Caetano Veloso and Maria Bethania, and has been a solo recording artist since the late 1990s... Here's a quick look at her work...


Belo Velloso "Belo Velloso" (Velas, 1996)
Includes duets with her aunt, Maria Bethania, on "Brincando" and uncle Caetano on "Amante Amado". She looks so young and so adorable on the cover!

Belo Velloso "Un Segundo" (Velas, 1997)
(Produced by Ricardo Rente)

Melodic but bland MPB-pop... Velloso has hints of Bethania's deep vocal tone, but is mostly a sweet-voiced if low-energy singer. She works in a variety of styles, including rock-pop, reggae and Brazilian-ized soft funk. Includes one song co-written by Caetano, and others by Carlinhos Brown, Zelia Duncan and Celso Fonseca. A lot of talent lined up behind her, but nothing on this album really captured my imagination. Anyone out there want to recommend another?

Belo Velloso "Mares" (PlayArte, 1999)

Belo Velloso "Acustico" (PlayArte, 2000)

Belo Velloso "Pegue Ou Largue" (PlayArte, 2002)

Belo Velloso "Oliver Twist" (BMGV, 2004)

Belo Velloso "Belo Samba" (BMGV, 2006)

Belo Velloso "Versao Brasileira" (Tratore, 2009)


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