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Glen Campbell "Somethin' 'Bout You Baby I Like" (Capitol, 1980) (LP)

Glen Campbell "It's The World Gone Crazy" (Capitol, 1981) (LP)

Glen Campbell "Glen Campbell Live" (RCA, 1981)

Glen Campbell "Old Home Town" (Atlantic, 1982)

Glen Campbell "Letter To Home" (Atlantic, 1984)

Glen Campbell "No More Night" (Word, 1985) (LP)

Glen Campbell "It's Just A Matter Of Time" (Atlantic, 1985) (LP)

Glen Campbell "Still Within The Sound Of My Voice" (MCA, 1987)

Glen Campbell "Light Years" (MCA, 1988)
An entire album of Jimmy Webb songs...

Glen Campbell "Favorite Hymns" (Word, 1989)

Glen Campbell "Walkin' In The Sun" (Liberty, 1990)

Glen Campbell "Unconditional Love" (Liberty, 1991)

Glen Campbell "Show Me Your Way" (New Haven, 1991)

Glen Campbell/Various Artists "Rock-A-Doodle" (Soundtrack) (Liberty, 1992)

Glen Campbell "Wings Of Victory" (New Haven, 1992)

Glen Campbell "Somebody Like That" (Liberty, 1993)

Glen Campbell "Home For The Holidays" (New Haven, 1993)

Glen Campbell "The Boy In Me" (New Haven, 1994)

Glen Campbell "Glen Campbell Live! His Greatest Hits" (Laserlight, 1994)

Glen Campbell "Christmas With Glen Campbell" (Laserlight, 1995)

Glen Campbell "A Glen Campbell Christmas" (TNN Classic Sessions, 1998)

Glen Campbell "My Hits And Love Songs" (Capitol, 1999)

Glen Campbell "In Concert With The South Dakota Symphony" (Columbia River, 2001)

Glen Campbell "Love Is The Answer: 24 Songs Of Faith, Hope And Love" (Universal South, 2004)

Glen Campbell "Meet Glen Campbell" (Capitol, 2008)

Glen Campbell "Ghost On The Canvas" (Surf Dog, 2011)
(Produced by Julian Raymond)

An amazing album -- powerful, profound, and very human -- and a work of true artistic depth. In 2011, Mr. Campbell, an international star for over four decades, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, in which his mind -- indeed his very self -- had begun to slip away. This album is remarkable in that it wasn't created merely in spite of Alzheimer's, but because of Alzheimer's: it is an internal exploration of what it's like to have the disease, and to have one's life erode out from under you. Campbell approaches his decline with stunning equanimity, if not exactly good cheer. Several songs are messages to loved ones, to people who anchor his life and to whom he expresses his profound thankfulness: when Campbell says he's nothing without their love, he means it literally, since the further his sense of self slips away, the more they become his only source of memory and reflection. Campbell sounds amazingly mellow about his situation -- he accepts that he can't control it and decides to put a good face on things. I've had a good life, he says, a blessed life, and certainly that is true -- the man is, literally, a rock star, and he accepts the implacable embrace of a disease that makes his world fuzzy and indistinct. The record's most radio-ready song is a catchy, bouncy surf-rockabilly-powerpop gem called "In My Arms," in which he puts forth a happiness plan for Alzheimer's survivors and their helpers: "Keep it on the recent/keep it on the now/give me an easy way/out..." And as Campbell bounds his way through a brilliant guitar solo, it's hard to imagine a man with such vitality is also living with such decline. Near the album's end, he ups the ante on the sombre "Strong," is which he bluntly assesses his predicament and resolves to be strong for his loved ones, which in reality may be hard to maintain, but in a song like this comes like a blow to the gut... Campbell's honesty and dignity in facing his end is a powerful thing, as is the completion of such a meaningful, coherent album even as all coherence and meaning slowly slips out of his mind. In America's pop culture, where death and illness are routinely pushed out of sight, no one else in pop music today even approaches Campbell's depth in creating such a meaningful work of art... Definitely worth checking out.

Glen Campbell "See You There" (Surfdog, 2013)


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