Denny Hilton portrait In 1970, Ozarks showman Denny Hilton created the Country Shindig Opry, a Branson-esque variety show based in Lake Of The Ozarks, Missouri, which by the early '80s had grown to a 1200-seat venue. In 1982, Hilton was sued by WSM's Grand Ole Opry for copyright infringement, but won the case when it was ruled that "opry" was commonly used by hundreds of shows across the country, and had become a generic phrase though common usage, dating back many years before 1927, when WSM first used the term to market its country-themed radio broadcasts. The decision was upheld on appeal to a Federal District Court in 1984. Now, I do feel a little silly dedicating a whole page to one of these tourist-trap bands, but since they had so many records released with slight variations of the band's name, I figured it was best just to lump them all together... Plius, the Opry lawsuit is a pretty good story. So, here we go!!

Discography - Albums

The Country Shindig Gang "Legacy" (History Records, 1978) (LP)

Denny Hilton "You're My Favorite Thing" (Rose Bridge Records, 1980) (LP)
This disc may have been the only album Hilton released as a "solo" artist, though there were quite a few souvenir albums released under the Country Shindig name. This record includes several originals written by Wayne Carson (Hilton's real name?) for Shot Glass Music. But it's a nice change of pace from all the cover tunes that the Shindig gang would perform...

Denny Hilton's Country Shindig Opry Show "Something To Write Home About" (History Records, 1983) (LP)

Denny Hilton's Country Shindig Opry "Denny Hilton's Country Shindig Opry" (History Records, 1985) (LP)

The Country Shindig Gang "Sing The Hits" (History Records, 1987) (LP)

Denny Hilton's Country Shindig Opry Show "Your Gospel Favorites" (History Records, 1988) (LP)


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