Darrell McCall portrait An Ohio native, honkytonker Darrell McCall was a veteran of the Ray Price band who enjoyed modest chart success in the 1960s and '70s, but he ping-ponged between various labels and never quite hit the bigtime, even when he edged into the Top 40 in the late '70s on a duet with Willie Nelson. McCall retrenched and reemerged as a torchbearer of the "outlaw" scene, keeping things country and playing the kind of music he loved... and we do, too! Here's a quick look at his music...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Darrell McCall "The Real McCall" (Bear Family, 1996)
This fab five-CD box set includes all of McCall's far-flung recordings from 1960-1981, including one-off singles, and LPs on major and minor labels, as well as demos and other rarities, all given the deluxe Bear Family archival treatment. Jackpot!

Darrell McCall "The Essential Darrell McCall" (Heart Of Texas, 2006)

Discography - Albums

Darrell McCall "Meet Darrell McCall" (Wayside, 1969) (LP)

Darrell McCall "Lily Dale" (Columbia, 1977) (LP)

Darrell McCall "Texas Dance Hall Music" (Hillside, 1980) (LP)

Darrell McCall & Johnny Bush "Hot Texas Country" (Step One, 1986)

Darrell McCall & The Tennessee Volunteers "Reunion" (BGM, 1986)

Darrell McCall "All She Did Was Fall In Love" (ARTAP, 1992)

Darrell McCall "A Way To Survive" (ARTAP, 1995)

Darrell McCall "Pictures Can't Talk Back" (ARTAP, 1996)

Darrell McCall "Old Memories And Wine" (Heart Of Texas, 2005)

Darrell McCall "Keeping With Tradition" (Heart Of Texas, 2009)

Darrell McCall/Tony Booth/Curtis Potter "The Survivors" (Heart Of Texas, 2010)
A collaboration with fellow retro-honkytonkers Tony Booth and Curtis Potter...

Darrell McCall "Country From The Heart" (Heart Of Texas, 2013)


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