Curtis Potter is one of those old Texas dudes who made one old-school honkytonk country album after another, mostly while chilling back home and safely off the radar. Although he landed a major label deal in the early '70s, his only two chart entries came nearly a decade later, and after those Back Forty flings, he stuck to the hometown scene, working frequently with other rootsy Lone Star artists. Here's a quick look at his work...

Discography - Albums

Curtis Potter "Here Comes Curtis Potter" (Dot, 1971) (LP)

Curtis Potter/Darrell McCall/Ray Sanders "Texas Dance Hall Music" (Hillside, 1980)

Curtis Potter "Texas Proud" (Hillside, 1981) (LP)

Curtis Potter "Down In Texas Today" (Step One, 1984)
Reissued on CD below...

Curtis Potter "All I Need Is Time" (Step One, 1987) (LP)

Curtis Potter & Willie Nelson "Six Hours At Pedernales" (Step One, 1994)

Curtis Potter "...And The National Swing Band Of Texas" (Southland, 2000)

Curtis Potter "The Best Of Curtis Potter, v.1" (Southland, 2001)

Curtis Potter "Walking On New Grass" (Startex, 2003)

Curtis Potter "Them Old Honky Tonks" (Heart Of Texas, 2004)

Curtis Potter "Chicago Dancin' Girls" (Heart Of Texas, 2005)

Curtis Potter "Down In Texas Today" (Heart Of Texas, 2006)

Curtis Potter "...Sings Willie Nelson" (Hillside, 2008)

Curtis Potter "When The Neon Lights Come On" (Hillside, 2009)

Curtis Potter "The Potter's Touch" (Heart Of Texas, 2010)

Curtis Potter/Tony Booth/Darrell McCall "The Survivors" (Heart Of Texas, 2010)
A collaboration with fellow retro-honkytonkers Darrell McCall and Tony Booth...

Curtis Potter/Tony Booth/Darrell McCall "The Survivors, v.2" (Heart Of Texas, 2012)

Curtis Potter "Songs Of The Cherokee Cowboy" (Heart Of Texas, 2013)


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