Charlie McCoy portrait Harmonica player Charlie McCoy was one of those ubiquitous Nashville session players whose name seems to pop up on practically every country album recorded in the 1970s... McCoy also had a fruitful solo career, particularly during the countrypolitan era when he scored a #1 hit single and chart-topping album that briefly put him at the top of the Nashville food chain. Here's a quick look at his work...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Charlie McCoy "Greatest Hits" (Monument, 1978)

Discography - Albums

Charlie McCoy "The World Of Charlie McCoy" (Monument, 1967) (LP)

Charlie McCoy "The Real McCoy" (Monument, 1972)

Charlie McCoy "Charlie McCoy" (Monument, 1972) (LP)

Charlie McCoy "Good Time Charlie" (Monument, 1973) (LP)
This was McCoy's commerical peak, a chart-topping country album, which, bizarrely enough, remains out of print decades after its release...

Charlie McCoy "The Fastest Harp In The South" (Monument, 1973) (LP)

Charlie McCoy "The Nashville Hit Man" (Monument, 1974) (LP)

Charlie McCoy "Christmas With Charlie" (Monument, 1974) (LP & CD)

Charlie McCoy "Charlie My Boy" (Monument, 1975) (LP)

Charlie McCoy "Harpin' The Blues" (Monument, 1975)

Charlie McCoy "Play It Again Charlie" (Monument, 1976) (LP)

Charlie McCoy "Country Cookin' " (Monument, 1977) (LP)

Charlie McCoy "Stone Fox Chase" (Monument, 1977) (LP)

Charlie McCoy "Appalachian Fever" (Monument, 1979)

Charlie McCoy "13th" (Step One, 1988)

Charlie McCoy "Beam Me Up Charlie" (Step One, 1989)

Charlie McCoy "Appalachian Fever" (Step One, 1992)

Charlie McCoy "American Roots" (Koch, 1995)

Charlie McCoy/Various Artists "Precious Memories" (Revival Records, 1998)

Charlie McCoy/Various Artists "Lonesome Whistle: A Hank Williams Tribute" (Catbone Music, 2011)
A Hank Williams tribute album, with Hank's daughter, Jett Williams, Roy Clark and Ricky Skaggs appearing as guest stars...


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