Georgia-born Tommy Scott (1917-2013) was a hillbilly and bluegrass bandleader whose career spanned the Great Depression through the birth of rock'n'roll and well into the 21st Century. A veteran showman with real roots in the medicine show tradition, Scott tried anything that worked and worked with or fostered the talent of numerous country stars. In the 1930s, he was a member of Bill Monroe's brother, Charlie Monroe's old-timey band and worked in radio throughout the 1940s. He led a road show with featured performers including western film star Johnny Mack Brown, yodeler Carolina Cotton, bluegrass pioneer Clyde Moody, and future Hee-Haw TV star, Stringbean Akeman. In the 1970s, Scott returned to his earliest roots and rebranded himself as "Doc" Scott, impressario of his own latter-day, nostalgia-themed medicine show. Scott recorded prolifically and was also the subject of numerous historical reissue efforts. Here's a quick look at his music...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Tommy Scott "Early Country Favorites" (Old Homestead, 1979) (LP)

Tommy Scott "Early Radio: 1941" (Old Homestead, 1979) (LP)

Tommy Scott "Original Country Oldies" (Cattle Records, 1983) (LP)

Tommy Scott "Original Old Hillbilly Music" (Cattle Records, 1985) (LP)

Tommy Scott "Hillbilly And Rockabilly Rarities" (Cattle Records, 1991) (LP)

Tommy Scott "Early Recordings: Boppin Hillbilly Series" (Collector Records, 1991) (CD)

Discography - Albums

Tommy Scott/Various Artists "Tommy Scott's Hootenanny" (Family Records, 1963) (LP)

Tommy Scott's Red River Riders "Singin' In The Saddle" (Family Records, 1964) (LP)

Tommy Scott "Tommy Scott's Gospel Singers" (Katona Records, 1965) (LP)

Tommy Scott "Blue Grass Gospel" (Family Records, 1966) (LP)

Tommy Scott "Songs Of The Road" (Request Records, 1966) (LP)

Tommy Scott/Various Artists "Tommy Scott's Country Caravan" (Request Records, 1967) (LP)

Tommy Scott "High Flyin' Country" (Request Records, 1969) (LP)

Tommy Scott "Country Music On Parade" (Request Records, 1971) (LP)

Tommy Scott "The Best Of Tommy Scott's Bluegrass (Also Some Mountain And Gospel Songs)" (Request Records, 1971) (LP)

Tommy Scott "Hot Picking Out Of This World" (Katona, 1974) (LP)
(Produced by Arthur Smith)

This one's packed with all original material, including several topically-themed tunes written by Tommy Scott, doozies such as "Watergate Love Affair," "Don't Blame The Car (Blame The Devil At The Wheel)" and "Rocket To The Moon," as well as more standard country stuff, like "Where's Baby Gone," "Country Truckin'," and "Where's The Nearest Honky Tonk." This edition of the band -- now called Tommy Scott's Country Music Circus -- featured vocals by Raymond Walker and Dave Penick, with Gaines Blevins on lead guitar, as well as longtime stalwarts Scotty Lee and Sam Baxter.

Tommy Scott "Great Scotts Good Country" (Katona Records, 1975) (LP)

Tommy Scott "Tommy Scott’s Original Georgia Peanut Band At The Medicine Show" (Concorde Records, 1977) (LP)

Tommy Scott & Clyde Moody "We've Played Every Place More Than Once" (Starday-Gusto, 1978) (LP)

Tommy Scott "Now And Then" (Folkways, 1980)

Tommy Scott "Girls We Met At The Medicine Show" (Folkways, 1980)

Tommy Scott "Tommy Scott's Old Time Medicine Show (The Last Real One)" (Suffolk Market, 1982) (LP)

Tommy Scott " 'Doc' Tommy Scott's Last Real Medicine Show - World's Most Unusual Songs" (Folkways, 1984)

Tommy Scott & The Snake Oil Band "Medicine Show Songs" (Katone Records, 1984) (LP)

Tommy Scott " 'Doc' Scott’s Last Real Medicine Show Greatest Songs" (Katona Records, 1988) (LP)


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