A pioneer of the modern folk scene, Northern California's Kate Wolf (1942-1986) recorded nearly a dozen albums before succumbing to leukemia in the 1980s. Her work, originally released on the independent Kaleidoscope label, presents a series of soft-edged contemplative singer-songwriter meditations. Many performers who came in her wake, notably Nanci Griffith, cite Wolf as an inspiration in forging a new style of updated, more introspective acoustic-based songwriting. Definitely worth checking out if you like the softer, more mature side of the style.

Discography - Best-Ofs

Kate Wolf "Gold In California -- A Retrospective Of Recordings: 1975-1985" (Rhino, 1986)

Kate Wolf "Weaver Of Visions: The Kate Wolf Anthology" (Rhino, 2000)

Discography - Albums

Kate Wolf "Back Roads" (Kaleidoscope/Collector's Choice, 1976)

Kate Wolf "Lines On The Paper" (Kaleidoscope/Collector's Choice, 1977)

Kate Wolf "Safe At Anchor" (Kaleidoscope/Collector's Choice, 1979)

Kate Wolf "Close To You" (1980)

Kate Wolf "Give Yourself To Love" (Kaleidoscope/Collector's Choice, 1983)

Kate Wolf "Poet's Heart" (1985)

Kate Wolf "The Wind Blows Wild" (Kaleidoscope/Collector's Choice, 1987)

Kate Wolf "An Evening In Austin" (1988)

Kate Wolf "Looking Back At You" (Collectables, 1994)

Kate Wolf "Carry It On" (Flat Rock, 1996)

Discography - Tributes

Laurie McClain "The Trumpet Vine: A Tribute To Kate Wolf" (Kindred Voices, 2003)

Poor Man's Whiskey "Like A River" (2012)

Various Artists "Treasures Left Behind: Remembering Kate Wolf" (Red House Records, 1998)


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