Alam Madina Music Productions (AMMP) is the label of North Indian master musician, sarode virtuoso, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. The releases on AMMP are consistently of the highest calibre -- beautiful, haunting, soulful and serene. They also reflect a very pure classical tradition: the musical legacy of Ali Akbar Khan's family stretches back over four centuries, and his devotion to the music is both profoundly fresh, and true to the past. Here are some recommendations from the AMMP catalog, which includes re-releases of older material, as well as more recent recordings.

Recommended Records

Ustad Ali Akbar Khan "Plays Alap - A Sarod Solo" (AMMP, 1993)
Two CDs worth of gorgeous sarode instrumentals, in the slower, contemplative melodic mode known as the alap, which is usually the improvisational preface to a longer composition. The pieces are: "Shri Rag", "Rag Pilu Baroowa" and "Ragini Iman Kalyan"... Varying in length from a half hour to 45 minutes long, these recordings are just the thing to help while away a quiet day at home. Highly recommended!

Ustad Ali Akbar Khan/Asha Bhosle "Legacy" (AAMP, 1996)
An absolutely stunning collaboration, with percussion by Swapan Chaudhuri. Asha Bhosle, who is one of India's most famous singers, is best known for her numerous popular filmi recordings (Indian soundtracks). Here however, she luxuriates in the classical world, beautifully capturing the spiritual richness of several devotional compositions, music that has been in Ali Akbar Khan's family for several centuries. A gorgeous album which is strongly recommended for listeners who may have had trouble finding Indian vocal music that is accessible to their ears.


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