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Discography - Best-Ofs

Mary Black "The Best Of Mary Black" (1990)

Mary Black "The Collection" (1992)

Mary Black "Looking Back" (Curb, 1995)

Mary Black "Song For Ireland" (Blix Street/Gift Horse, 1999)
The first half of this disc is great; the second half is a bit iffy. There's a fine selection of some of Black's more traditionally-oriented material, and Black's voice is quite nice, especially when it's divorced from more ornate, fusion-y production. These stripped-down acoustic performances highlight her simple strengths -- there may be other singers that move me more, but listening to this disc I finally "get" where her attraction lies. One of the highlights on this disc is an a capella group vocal with the Black Family, on "Colcannon," which sounds like a smoothed-out version of the Watersons sound. Then in the second half, she drifts into drippier terrain, although the earlier stuff, from the 1980s, is pretty nice. This may be the best single-disc introduction to her work.

Mary Black "The Best Of Mary Black, v.2: 1991-2001 & Hidden Harvest" (Curb, 2001)

Mary Black "Twenty Five Years, Twenty Five Songs" (2008)

Discography - Albums

Mary Black "Mary Black" (Gift Horse, 1982)

Mary Black "Collected" (Gift Horse, 1984)

De Danann "Anthem" (1985)

Mary Black "Without The Fanfare" (Gift Horse, 1985)

Mary Black "By The Time It Gets Dark" (Gift Horse, 1987)

Mary Black "No Frontiers" (Gift Horse, 1989)

Mary Black "Babes In The Wood" (Gift Horse, 1991)

Mary Black "The Holy Ground" (Gift Horse, 1993)

Mary Black "Circus" (Curb, 1995)

Mary Black "Shine" (Curb, 1997)

Mary Black "Speaking With The Angel" (Atlantic, 1999)

Mary Black "Full Tide" (Curb, 2005)


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