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Portrait of Les Chaussettes Noires Possibly the all-around best French rock band of the 1960s, Les Chaussettes Noires featured singer Eddie Mitchell backed by the wickedly talented guitar duo of William Bennaim (lead) and Tony D'Arpa (rhythm), whose sleek, surf-based style matched or even excelled the best rockers in the British and American scenes. While many French rockers were pale shadows of their non-Gallic inspirations, Les Chaussettes were a remarkably solid, soulful band, with a confident, well-rounded sound much like the poppier post-garage American bands inspired by the Beatles. The original quintet was formed in 1959 and lasted until 1964; Mitchell was drafted by the French army in '62 and then went on to a successful solo career, leading Les Chaussettes to disband in '64.

Discography - Best-Ofs

Les Chaussettes Noires "L'Integrale" (Polydor-France, 2011)
Great stuff! This 6-CD box set includes straight reissues (with bonus tracks) of five of their albums: 100% Rock and Rock'n'Twist, both from 1961; Le 2,000,000e Disque Des Chaussettes Noires (1962); the soundtrack Comment Reussir En Amour, 1963's Chaussettes Noires Party and an additional disc of rarities and demos. This updates and supersedes the Long Box collection of a few years ago... If you want to hear some fun, swinging '60s French rock -- some of the best -- this is a pretty groovy set!

Les Chaussettes Noires "Master Serie" (Universal, 1998)

Les Chaussettes Noires "Integrale: 1961-1964" (Universal/Barclay, 2006)
A 3-CD box set gathering the work of rockabilly rebel Eddy Mitchell and his band, Les Chaussettes Noires... The band was together from 1959-1964, although it fell into decline after Mitchell was called up for military duty in 1962, then came back to start a successful solo career. C'est tres expensive, but if you're curious about the band this box set will probably settle the matter for once and for all... In addition, there are also numerous reissues of the band's original albums, listed below...

Les Chaussettes Noires "Le Rock C'Est Ca! (Oublie-Moi)" (Universal/Barclay, 1998)

Les Chaussettes Noires "Twistin' The Rock, v.1" (Universal, 2002)

Les Chaussettes Noires "Twistin' The Rock, v.2" (Universal, 2002)

Les Chaussettes Noires "Les 50 Plus Belles Chansons" (Universal, 2008)
A 3-CD set...

Discography - Albums

Les Chaussettes Noires "100% Rock" (Universal, 1961)

Les Chaussettes Noires "Rock 'n' Twist" (Universal/Barclay, 1961)

Les Chaussettes Noires "Comment Reussir En Amour" (Universal/Barclay, 1962)

Les Chaussettes Noires "Chaussettes Noires Party" (Universal/Barclay, 1963)


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