Cybersmell product specifications


"CyberSmell" is a registered product and trademark of Sixpaco. "CyberSmell" technology has been licensed for use by other vendors such as TeleSniff and CompuStench, but we do not endorse those brands, nor do we encourage their use near small children, people with respiratory problems or crabby farm animals. "CyberSmell" is the original digital olfactorant, and in our opinion, the only one which does not stink.

If you wish to download Fragra 6.0, please contact your ISP, or allow us to guide you through a bafflingly long series of cryptic prompts and poorly laid out webpages, eventually allowing our software programs to gum up your connection for a half hour or so before you discover that we will require your mother's maiden name, her credit card number, and proof of citizenship. But believe me, it is so totally worth it. You'd be a fool not to. Everyone else already has.

We regret any inconvenience or social embarassment which may result in your inability to access the incredible world of "CyberSmell." For those of you too cheap or too impatient to download the latest Fragra software, we will attempt to provide text versions of the relevant "CyberSmell" links.

Thank you for visiting the "CyberSmell" site.