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Baby Consuelo portrait Baby Consuelo (aka) Baby Do Brasil was a member of the 1970s tropicalia band Novos Baianos, one of the wildest Brazilian rock bands of the era. She pursued a long solo career, often working with her ex-Baianos bandmate Pepeu Gomes. Here's a quick look at her career...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Baby Consuelo "Brilhantes" (Sony)

Baby Consuelo "2 E Demais, v.1" (Warner, 2000)

Baby Consuelo "2 E Demais, v.2" (Warner, 2000)

Baby Consuelo "Serie XXI" (Sony, 2000)

Baby Consuelo "As Melhores" (Columbia, 2002)
A best-of collection of late-vintage hits and not-so-much-hits by Bernadete Dinorah de Carvalho Cidade (aka Baby do Brasil, aka Baby Consuelo) a former member of the innovative 1970s psychedelic/prog band, Novos Baianos. Although better than a lot of BRock, for the most part this disc is pitiably bad -- frenetic hard rock and shrill, cluttered, new wavey synthpop similar to that of Rita Lee or Cazuza. A few tunes flirt with more subtle presentation, but not many. I'd guess these tracks date mainly from the late '80s to early '90s, they have that MTV-ish feel to them. Sometimes the clumsiness is charming, but honestly, I'd be embarrassed to have someone catch me listening to this at home. Worth checking out, though, if you're tracking down the career paths of '70s rockers.

Baby Consuelo "25 Anos" (WEA, 2007)

Baby Consuelo "Nova Serie" (WEA, 2008)

Baby Consuelo "Warner 30 Anos" (WEA, 2008)


Baby Consuelo "O Que Vier Eu Traco" (Atlantic, 1978) (LP)

Baby Consuelo "P'ra Enlouquecer" (Atlantic, 1979) (LP)

Baby Consuelo "Ao Vivo Em Montreux" (Elektra, 1980)
Live at the big European jazz festival, Baby and her band mix furiously fast prog-rock (ala early Yes and ELO) with old-school samba-cancao and her own mix of tropicalia flavored, eclectic Brazilian rock. Keyboardist Luciano Alves goes nuts on the synths, and the percussionists get all kooky and fast, too, which Pepeu Gomes is remarkably restrained in comparison. She sometimes sings pretty, and at other times just yells as loud as she can... Mostly it's not my cup of tea, but it's better than I imagined. Definitely worth a spin, particularly if you are a fan of Tania Maria, or Flora Purim in her funkier moments.

Baby Consuelo "Canceriana Telurica" (Elektra, 1981) (LP)

Baby Consuelo "Cosmica" (Elektra, 1982) (LP)

Baby Consuelo "Kryshna Baby" (CBS, 1984) (LP)

Baby Consuelo "Sem Pecado E Sem Juizo" (1985) (CD)

Baby Consuelo "Ora Pro Nobis" (Som Livre, 1991) (LP)

Baby Consuelo "Um" (1997)

Baby Consuelo "Acustico Baby Do Brasil" (1998)

Baby Consuelo "Exclusivo Para Deus" (2000)

Baby Consuelo "Geracao Pop" (2007)

Baby Consuelo "Geracao Guerreiros Do Apocalipse" (2011)


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