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Pepeu Gomes portrait Rock guitarist Pepeu Gomes emerged as a teen prodigy during the height of the hippie-era tropicalia scene, backing several of the biggest stars of the time. He soon formed his own band, the adventurous, kaleidoscopic Novos Baianos which became one of the most dynamic Brazilian rock bands of the '70s. Later, Gomes frequently worked with ex-Baianos bandmate Baby Consuelo as well as pursuing his own solo career. Here's a quick look at his career...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Pepeu Gomes "Geracao Pop" (Warner, 2002)

Pepeu Gomes "e-Collection" (Warner, 2002)

Pepeu Gomes "Warner 30 Anos" (Warner, 2007)

Pepeu Gomes & Baby Consuelo "Maxximum" (Warner, 2005)

Pepeu Gomes "Nova Serie" (Warner, 2008)

Discography - Albums

Caetano Veloso "Barra 69: Caetano E Gil Ao Vivo Na Bahia" (Philips, 1972)
In 1968, the Brazilian dictatorship briefly imprisoned tropicalistas Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso, in an effort to curb the popular influence of the tropicalistas. Once the singers got their warning and were released, they promptly went off and staged several concerts, partly as an act of political defiance, and partly to raise funds to pay for their eminent and inevitable European exile. This CD is a document of two shows in July, 1969 -- spirited and adventurous pop-psychedelic rock, but with truly terrible sound quality. The guitars come in okay, though a bit muffled, but the powerful vocal performances are completely overmodulated: not that you can really hear him, but the lead guitar is a teenaged Pepeu Gomes, playing wild psychedelic riffs galore. A tantalizing glimpse at Brazilian pop-psych in glorious full swing, and an important historical document, but ultimately a real drag to listen to.

Pepeu Gomes "Geracao Do Som" (CBS, 1978)

Pepeu Gomes "Na Terra A Mais De Mil" (WEA, 1979)
Cool! The second solo album by this hotshot rock guitarist shows an imaginative musical breadth and a keen sense of humor much in keeping with his early work in Novos Baianos. Gomes debuted as a teenager in 1969, accompanying Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso on their famous farewell concert, before the two tropicalia founders went off into their European exile. Then, with singer Baby Consuelo and guitarist Moraes Moreira, he formed Novos Baianos, a wildly inventive band that took up the psychedelic/eclectic ethos of tropicalia, while delving deep into indigenous Brazilian folk music. This album, made at the end of Gomes first decade as a professional musician, is ambitious and challenging, veering from hard rock and prog riffs to more folkloric material, all punctuated by his keening electric guitar and scat vocals. Anyone interested in hearing some good Brazilian prog should check this disc out... It's surprisingly good!

Pepeu Gomes "Ao Vivo" (WEA, 1980)
This live album, recorded at the Montreaux Jazz Festival, of all places, is a little harder and more unrelenting than his studio work, and careens into more iffy rock-prog territory. But it also shows remarkable breadth, starting off with some softer acoustic numbers before Gomes picks up his axe and starts chopping. The band seems to be made up mainly of Gomes family members; perhaps this accounts for the intuitive flow of their sound. Also recommended!

Pepeu Gomes "Na Terra A Mais De Mil" (Elektra, 1979)

Pepeu Gomes "Ao Vivo Em Montreux" (Elektra, 1980)

Pepeu Gomes "Pepeu Gomes" (WEA, 1981)

Pepeu Gomes "Um Raio Laser" (WEA, 1982)

Pepeu Gomes "Masculino E Feminino" (CBS, 1983)

Pepeu Gomes "Energia Positiva" (CBS, 1985)

Pepeu Gomes "Pepeu Gomes" (WEA, 1988)

Pepeu Gomes "On The Road" (WEA, 1989)

Pepeu Gomes "Moraes E Pepeu" (WEA, 1990)

Pepeu Gomes "Moraes E Pepeu - Ao Vivo No Japao" (WEA, 1990)

Pepeu Gomes "Pepeu Gomes" (Warner Music, 1993)

Pepeu Gomes "Pepeu Gomes - 20 Anos Discografia Instrumental" (Natasha, 1998)

Pepeu Gomes "Meu Coracao" (Trama, 1999)
(Produced by Robertinho De Recife)

A mellow, even contemplative set, with gentle, folkish arrangements that are basically Gomes singing along to his own guitar, with light accompaniment. It's kinda cheesy, but kinda sweet, with a slight bluesy-jazzy feel. Adult-contemporary pop, Brazilian style.

Pepeu Gomes "De Espirito Em Paz - Ao Vivo" (Som Livre, 2004)


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