Fiddler Byron Berline was a key figure in the 1960s bluegrass revival and the country-rock scene that followed... He played with Bill Monroe, the Dillards, the Flying Burrito Brothers, and did session work with numerous rock and country artists. In 1972 Berline co-founded the progressive bluegrass band Country Gazette, and has been part of many other 'grassy ensembles. Here's a quick look at his work...


Byron Berline & Sundance "Live At McCabes" (Takoma, 1977) (LP)

Byron Berline "Dad's Favorites" (Rounder, 1977)

Byron Berline "Outrageous" (Flying Fish, 1979)

Byron Berline "...And The L.A. Fiddle Band" (Sugar Hill, 1980) (LP)

Byron Berline/Dan Crary/John Hickman "Berline, Crary, Hickman" (Sugar Hill, 1981) (LP)

Byron Berline/Dan Crary/John Hickman "Night Run" (Sugar Hill, 1984) (LP)

Byron Berline & John Hickman "Double Trouble" (Sugar Hill, 1986)

Byron Berline/Dan Crary/John Hickman "BCH" (Sugar Hill, 1986) (LP)

Byron Berline/Dan Crary/John Hickman "Now They Are Four" (Sugar Hill, 1989)

Byron Berline "Jumpin' The Strings" (Sugar Hill, 1990)

Byron Berline & California "Traveler" (Sugar Hill)

Byron Berline "Fiddle And A Song" (Sugar Hill, 1995)

Byron Berline/Dan Crary/John Hickman "Chambergrass: A Decade Of Tunes From The Edges Of Bluegrass" (Sugar Hill, 2006)

Byron Berline "Flat Broke Fiddler" (Double Stop Music, 2005)

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