Led by fiddler Lonnie Peerce, the Kentucky-based band Bluegrass Alliance never achieved huge success, but certainly was a powerful testing ground for lots of major talent in the 1970's bluegrass revival. Guitarist Dan Crary was in the band's first lineup, to be replaced by Tony Rice, in an edition that also included newgrass pioneeer Sam Bush. Eager to push the boundaries of bluegrass, Bush and several other bandmembers left to form the more adventurous New Grass Revival; a few years later, singer-guitarist Vince Gill joined the band for a couple of years in the mid-'70s, before the group called it quits in 1978. An entirely new lineup was formed in the 1990s, with Lonnie Peerce's blessing. Here's a quick look at the band's legacy...

Discography - Albums

Bluegrass Alliance "Bluegrass Alliance" (American Heritage, 1969)
Crary picked guitar in the original lineup of this influential early '70s band, with fiddler Lonnie Peerce, Buddy Spurlock on banjo, and Ebo Walker on bass...

Bluegrass Alliance "Newgrass" (American Heritage, 1970)

Bluegrass Alliance "Tall Grass" (Bridges, 1973) (LP)

Bluegrass Alliance "Bluegrass Alliance" (Music Mountain, 1974)

Bluegrass Alliance "The Bluegrass Alliance" (Old Homestead, 1981)

Bluegrass Alliance "Kentucky Blue" (American Heritage, 1975)

Bluegrass Alliance "Love Of The Mountains" (Old Homestead, 1982) (LP)

Bluegrass Alliance "Re-Alliance" (Copper Creek, 2001)


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