I have to confess, I've never been that into Steve Young's work -- too anchored in the post-'60s folk sound, and not twangy enough for me -- but I also have the nagging feeling that he's one of those artists I should give another chance, sometime... when I have the time. Which won't be soon. Sigh. Anyway... he's best known as a songwriter, penning several stone-cold classics, such as "Lonesome, On'ry and Mean" (a hit for Waylon Jennings) and "Seven Bridges Road" (covered by the Eagles and later by Steve Earle...) Young was also a key player in the early "outlaw country" crowd, down in Texas, and fostered his fellow artists during the lean years. Here's a look at some of his work...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Steve Young "Lonesome On'ry And Mean: 1968-1978" (Raven, 1997)
This'll be where you want to start with Steve Young's work: the Raven label puts out reliably strong, well-selected collections, and the timeframe is right, too, exploring his early work. I'm betting this is a pretty solid best-of set.

Steve Young "Renegade Picker/No Place To Fall" (Sony, 2005)
A reissue of two albums from the '70s, Renegade Picker from 1976 and No Place to Fall, from 1978... Fans should be psyched to see this stuff back in print.

Steve Young "Solo Live/Switchblades Of Love" (Floating World, 2008)

Discography - Albums

Stone Country "Stone Country" (RCA, 1968)
Before he moved to Texas to become a charter member of the outlaw scene, Young was in LA, working with folks like Van Dyke Parks and Stephen Stills... He also formed a hippiedelic country-rock band that put out one album, then folded up. The 2008 reissue on Rev-Ola records (linked to here) has a couple of bonus tracks.

Steve Young "Rock Salt And Nails" (A&M, 1969)

Steve Young "Seven Bridges Road" (1972)

Steve Young "Honky Tonk Man" (1975)

Steve Young "Renegade Picker" (RCA, 1976)

Steve Young "No Place To Fall" (RCA, 1978)

Steve Young "To Satisfy You" (1981) (LP)

Steve Young "Old Memories" (1984)

Steve Young "Look Homeward Angel" (1986)

Steve Young "Long Time Rider" (1990)

Steve Young "Solo/Live" (1991)

Steve Young "Switchblades Of Love" (1993)

Steve Young "Primal Young" (Appleseed, 2000)

Steve Young "Songlines Revisited Volume One" (Starry Pyramid, 2005)

Steve Young "Stories Round The Horseshoe Bend" (2007)
A live show from 2006...


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