Alma Latina Records is an imprint of the Barcelona-based Blue Moon Produciones, which also puts out the outstanding Caney Records series of latin jazz and Cuban dance music. The Alma Latina releases veer towards slower romatic material, particularly bolero singers. Also many of these records are of artists recording in Spain (including many Cuban immigrants and some stars who moved there in their later years...) I'm not particularly "up" on the slower latin dance material, so I haven't checked out that many of these records... However, if you enjoy such music, I should mention that the sound quality and song selection on all the discs in this series generally tends to be first rate... Here are reviews of some of the records I've heard so far...

(ALCD 001) Cachao y Su Ritmo Caliente "From Havana To New York" (Alma Latina)

(ALCD 002) Tito Puente "Mamboscope" (Alma Latina)

(ALCD 003) Various Artists "CHA-CHA-CHA EN LA HABANA" (Alma Latina)

(ALCD 004) Charlie Palmieri & Peruchin "Cuban Rhythms" (Alma Latina)

(ALCD 005) Orquesta Kubavana "A Toda Le Gusta Le Gusta" (Alma Latina)

(ALCD 006) Beny More "Baile Mi Son" (Alma Latina)

(ALCD 007) Conjunto Casino "Moliendo Cafe" (Alma Latina)

(ALCD 008) Tito Puente "Pare Cochero" (Alma Latina)

(ALCD 009) Bebo Valdes "Sabor De Cuba" (Alma Latina)

(ALCD 010) Cachao y Su Ritmo Caliente "More Legendary Descarga Sessions" (Alma Latina)

(ALCD 011) Machito "Ritmo Pa' Gozar" (Alma Latina)

(ALCD 012) Bebo Valdes "Descarga Caliente" (Alma Latina)

(ALCD 050) Elia y Paloma Fleta "Grandes Exitos" (Alma Latina)

(ALCD 051) Miguel Aceves Mejia "Sus Grandes Exitos, v.4" (Alma Latina)

(ALCD 052) Lolita Garrido "La Voz Del Bolero En Espana" (Alma Latina)

(ALCD 053) Juanito Segarra "Algo Tengo Yo" (Alma Latina)

(ALCD 054) Lia Derby "Queria Mia" (Alma Latina)

(ALCD 055) Miguel Aceves Mejia "Sus Grandes Exitos, v.5" (Alma Latina)

(ALCD 056) Lucho Gatica "Comigo En La Distancia" (Alma Latina)

(ALCD 057) Elvira Rios "Noches Tropicales" (Alma Latina)

(ALCD 058) Pedro Vargas "Lagrimas Negras" (Alma Latina)

(ALCD 059) Rolando Laserie "Mentiras Tuyas" (Alma Latina, 2001)
A stunning set of uptempo boleros, featuring one of Cuba's most forceful romantic singers... Laserie originally hailed from Beny More's band, where he was a featured percussionist in the early 1950s. Towards the end of the decade he split off on his own, and became a celebrated vocalist, working with hot musicians such as Tito Puente and Bebo Valdes. This disc features his prime early material, from 1958-60, and it's all outstanding. If, perhaps, the standard bolero arrangements are a little too syrupy for you, then check out this set, made with groove-heavy dance bands. It's hot stuff!

(ALCD 060) Ramon Calduch "Volver A Empezar" (Alma Latina, 2001)

(ALCD 061) Lucy Fabery "La Muneca De Chocolate" (Alma Latina, 2001)
Syrupy, slow vocals. The husky-voiced Ms. Fabery

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