Everybody loves Willie Nelson, right? Well, sure they do... And here are the songs to prove it! Behold, a list of Willie Nelson tribute songs and tribute albums... I know there are more out there (many of which I've seen over the years and can't quite remember...) so if you have suggestions for stuff to add to this list, feel free to get in touch. Thanks!

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Tribute Albums

Phosphorescent "To Willie" (Dead Oceans, 2009)
These indie rockers pay homage to Willie, with covers of eleven classic songs, including some relatively obscure choices... Sadly, their previous album, "Pride" was not a tribute to country singer Charly Pride...

Various Artists "TWISTED WILLIE: A TRIBUTE TO WILLIE NELSON" (Justice Records, 1996)

Tribute Songs

John Anderson "Willie’s Guitar"

Kenny Antcliff "When Ole Willie Starts Sings The Blues"

Don Bowman "Willon And Waylee"

Johnny Bush "Ode To The Hole In Willie’s Guitar"

Johnny Cash "A Backstage Pass"

David Allan Coe "Willie, Waylon And Me"

Cooder Graw "Willie's Guitar"

Dan Crary "Willie The Wandering Gypsy And Me"

Kevin Fowler "Don’t Touch My Willie"

"Hey, Willie" Waylon Jennings

"Willie The Wandering Gypsy And Me" Waylon Jennings

Toby Keith "Weed With Willie"

Kris Kristofferson "Final Attraction"

Tom Pacheco "Until I Heard Willie Nelson"

Michael Patrick "Don’t Touch My Willie"

Bruce Robison "What Would Willie Do?"

Bruce Robison "What Would Willie Do?" (Live)

Ray Scott "My Kind of Music"

"Willie The Wandering Gypsy And Me" Billy Joe Shaver


  • Willie's website has tour info and merch galore, along with a daily tour blog, called the Pedernales Poo Poo... When I poked around it had some funky technical glitches, but I'm sure that's just par for the course in Willie-land. I guess he has a lot of fans in Germany, too, because the site is mirrored auf Deutsch.

  • Rolling Stone has an excellent biographical essay on Willie and his outlaw scene...

  • Thanks to Live By Request for posting their groovy Willie discography page. This was really helpful, particularly for tracking down some of the older, out-of-print albums.

Willie Nelson: The 1960s & '70s | 1980s | 1990s & '00s | Best-Ofs & Links

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