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The King Is Gone... but definitely not forgotten!! When George Jones passed away in 2013, a flood of tributes came out of Nashville and beyond, though as you can see below, folks have been honoring Ol' Possum for years. Here's a sampling of tribute album and songs devoted to the world's greatest country singer. And if I missed any, feel free to let me know!

Tribute Albums

George Jones/Various Artists "George Jones And Friends: 50th Anniversary Tribute Concert" (New West, 2007)

Barry Burke & Jim Foster "Once More With Feeling" (D Records) (LP)

James & Laura Hollie "Classic Country: Our Tribute To George Jones And Tammy Wynette" (Blas Records, 2012)
A 3-song EP, including "He Stopped Loving Her Today," "Beer Run," and a duet version of "Golden Ring."

Shooter Jennings "Don't Wait Up (For George)" (Black Country Rock, 2014)
Here's one that comes to us from Waylon's boy, Shooter. This five-song EP has original material such as the title track, "Don't Wait Up (I'm Playin' Possum)" along with covers of classics from the Jones catalog. Now, I'm all in favor of honoring ol' George, but I'm still just not feeling it with Shooter. I mean, how could anyone possibly get a song like "She Thinks I Still Care" so very, very wrong, or give such a blaring, bland rock arrangement to a tune like "The Door"? I know he's doing well and has lots of devoted fans, but I just don't find Shooter to have the gravitas to pull off the whole honkytonk rebel/outlaw icon thing. Maybe it's a generational difference... but maybe not. See for yourself.

The Mick Lloyd Connection "George Jones Tribute EP" (Pie Piper Records, 2012)
A 3-song EP, including "He Stopped Loving Her Today," "Beer Run," and a duet version of "Golden Ring."

Johnny Paycheck "Tribute To George Jones" (K-Tel, 1996)

Don Rich "...Sings George Jones" (Omnivore, 2013)
A true master of twang, the late Don Rich helped define the "Bakersfield Sound," working as Buck Owens' guitarist throughout the 1960s, and as the leader of the Hee Haw house band in the late '60s and early '70s. Rich was the consummate sideman, but other than several mainly-instrumental albums with the Buckaroos, he never emerged as a solo star. Rich died tragically young in a 1974 motorcycle accident, although he did record one solo album, a George Jones tribute recorded in 1970, though sadly shelved by the label and left in the vaults until now. Finally, four decades later, twangfans and Buckaholics can hear this robust, rootsy outing, where Rich blasts his way through a dozen bouncy old classics from the early Jones canon. As a singer, Rich isn't really on par with Owens, but he's got the same down-home charm and the music will have a familiar irresistible appeal. Good-natured, melodic honky-tonk with a few rough edges -- apparently just enough to scare off the record execs in the countrypolitan era, but definitely the right amount for the hard-country true believers of today. Highly recommended!

Hal Sherfey "Wild Irish Rose: Reverences Of George Jones" (Pie Piper Records, 2003)

Leona Williams "By George This Is... A Tribute To George Jones" (Ah-Ha!, 2012)

Tribute Songs

Jason Allen "Ode To Possum"

Amazing Rhythm Aces & Russell Smith "I Got A Real George Jones"

Austin Lounge Lizards "George Jones Is Playin' In The City Tonight"

Billy Ball "No One Says It Better (Than George Jones)"

David Anthony Berg "George Jones And Jack Daniels"

John Berry "George Jones"

Johnny Bush & Willie Nelson "You Sure Tell It Like It Is George Jones"

Mike Bryant "The Jukebox, George Jones & Me"

Mark Cameron "I Met George Jones Today"

Randy Carville "You've Gotta Play George Jones"

Tommy Cash & George Jones "Hank And George, Lefty And Me"

Cattletruck "George Jones Tonight"

Slim Chance & The Convicts "George Jones (Has Never Sung About My Girl)"

J. K. Coltrain "Is George Jones Country?"

Country Drive "Living His Life Like A George Jones Song"

Dan Crary "They Don't Play George Jones On MTV"

Drive-By Truckers "George Jones Talkin' Cell Phone Blues"

John Elmore "Jones N' For Some George"

Joe Fletcher & The Wrong Reasons "Drunk & Single (For George Jones)"

Charlie Floyd "By George, I'm Jonesin' "

Webb Foley "George Jones, Jack Daniels, And Me"

Give 'Er Hell "George Jones Is A True Player"

The Good Intentions "She's In A George Jones Mood"

Merle Haggard & George Jones "They Don't Play George Jones On MTV"

Merle Haggard & George Jones "No-Show Jones"

Mike Hanlon "George Jones, Will You Sing My Song"

Gal Holiday & The Honky Tonk Revue "Jones On The Jukebox"

Honky Tonkitis "What Would George Jones Do?"

Red Jenkins & Lance Miller "George Jones And Jesus"

Shooter Jennings "Don't Wait Up (I'm Playin' Possum)"

Donald Stephan Jones "Got George Jones In His Veins"

George Jones "Ol' George Stopped Drinkin' Today"

Sammy Kershaw "The Route That I Took (My Tribute To George Jones)"

Lost Immigrants "You Can't Kill George Jones"

Jimmy Martin "Play Me Some George Jones Songs"

Ron McCranie "That Jones Boy From Texas" (1975)

Darnell Miller "George Jones, Will You Sing My Song"

Misisipi Rider "George Jones"

Morning River Band "Drinking Blues, No. 2 (Drinking In Heaven With George Jones)"

Nu-Blu & Sam Moore "Jesus And Jones"

Steven Patrick "George Jones And Jack Daniels"

James O'Gwynn "If I Could Sing A Country Song (Exactly Like George Jones)"
Amazingly, this great song -- one of the all-time best George Jones tribute songs -- remains out of print, and available, as far as I can tell -- on the long out-of-print Country Comment LP

Ozark Revival "Jesus And George Jones"

Chuck Pollard "I Wish George Jones Would Sing A Song"

The Rowdymen "Ode To Possum"

Eban Schletter "If You Hear Me Playin' George Jones"

Daryle Singletary "That's Why I Sing This Way"

Amelia Ann "Millie" Short "George Jones, I Love You"

Russell Smith & The Amazing Rhythm Aces "I Got A Real George Jones"

Mitch Snow "George Jones, Will You Sing My Song"

Steve Spurgin "They Don't Play George Jones On MTV"

Stagger Lee "Two Shots Of George Jones"

Buck Storm "George Jones' Ghost"

Mike Strasser "The Man In The George Jones' Song"

Randy Travis & Joe Nichols "Tonight I'm Playin' Possum"

T. T. Tucker "George Jones Made Me Cry Today"

Dave Waldrop "George Jones" (a poem)

Joel Warren "You'll Never Hurt Me Like An Old George Jones Song"

Dale Watson "Jonesin' For Jones"

Jon Wilcox "My George Jones Imitation"

Leona Williams "Ole George"

Billy Yates "Only One George Jones"

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