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New Lost City Ramblers "The Early Years: 1958-1962" (Smithsonian-Folkways, 1991)
Possibly the best old-timey revivalists of the '50s/'60s folk scene, the NLCR were comprised of Tracy Schwartz, John Cohen and Mike Seeger (the brother of Pete and Peggy Seeger, and himself the son of folklorist parents.) All three band members were avid collectors of old folk tunes -- they dug up old 78s in the public libraries, collected them while on the road, and traveled widely throughout the Appalachians and the South, recording rural folks who still remembered the old songs. All of this is well and fine, but what really makes the Ramblers special was that they themselves rocked! Both volumes of NLCR recordings are full of inspired, entertaining music. HIGHLY recommended!

New Lost City Ramblers "Out Standing In Their Field: 1963-1973" (Smithsonian-Folkways, 1991)

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