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This is just the merest sampling of the huge amount of music available east of NATO territory... I can hardly claim that this is a comprehensive, or even representative, sample of what's available. Nonetheless, these are some of the albums which have leapt out at me over the last few years -- hopefully you will find these records as striking as I have. And keep checking this site for more reviews-- it is sure to expand over time. This is the first page covering the letter "F"...

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Mahmoud Fadl "The Drummers Of The Nile In Town" (Piranha, 2003)
An excellent rhythmic instrumental set, uniting Nubian percussionist Mahmoud Fadl with several well-known Egyptian musicians from the city of Cairo, including drummer Mohamed Sobhi and the Hasaballah Brass Band (which, interstingly enough, has a rather klezmer-like sound to it!) Consistently engaging and fresh; belly dancers and more passive, couch potato-y world music fans alike should enjoy this set!

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