This is a look at some bluesy-jazzy wimmin singers and musicians who rock my world, musical foremothers whose voices echo as strongly today as they did decades ago. Crooners, shouters, songwriters and bandleaders, sirens and songbirds of years gone by... Let's get hep!

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International Sweethearts Of Rhythm "Hot Licks: 1944-1946" (Sounds Of Yesteryear, 2006)
A popular "all girl" orchestra of the big band era, the Sweethearts made its mark not only from its hot swing style and considerable pool of talent, but also from its "international," multi-racial membership. Asian, white, latina and African-American musicians filled the lineup, which also boasted a powerful horn section. The band toured extensively during the 1940s and took part in "battle of the bands" shows, lined up against some of the top swing groups of the era. They broke up in 1946, and although very popular the Sweethearts only recorded four songs for commercial release: this album is made up of live recordings and radio airshots, complete with stage patter from the emcee. Also highly recommended is the earlier LP on Rosetta Records which brought the International Sweethearts back into the public eye.

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