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Papa Noel "Bel Ami" (Stern's Africa, 2000)

Papa Noel & Adan Pedroso "Mosala Makasi" (Yard High, 2001)

Papa Noel & Papi Oviedo "Bana Congo" (Tumi Music, 2002)
Cuban tres picker Oviedo and Congolese guitarist Papa Noel explore the interconnections of African and Latin American pop, in this fluid and quite listenable collaboration. The back-and-forth history of Afro-Cuban music isn't exactly news to world music fans, but this disc is notable for its inclusion of newer, post-1960s styles, such as NYC-style salsa, as well as for its economy and grace. Nice record; a little heavier on the Latin side of the equation. Worth checking out.

Papa Noel "Cafe Noir" (Tumi Music, 2007)

Pazy And The Black Hippies "Pazy And The Black Hippies" (EMI, 1976)

Pazy And The Black Hippies "Wa Ho Ha" (Secret Stash, 1978/2012)
(Produced by M. Oki)

Electrified African reggae and rock-flavored highlife played at a manic, breakneck pace... This record, originally released in 1978, was the second album by Nigerian guitarist-bandleader Edire "Pazy" Etinagbedia who put a clear "American" stamp on his band's name and their sound. It's a little too hyperactive for me (I prefer more laid-back stuff) but it's certainly an impressive bit of crate-digging, uncovering yet another layer of rare, obscure, ecstatic African pop from the golden era of the '70s. Standout tracks include the disco-funk of "Papa's Black Dog" and the straight-up electric rock'n'roll of "Elizabeth," which is perhaps the least typical track on this collection.

Geraldo Pino & The Heartbeats "Heavy Heavy Heavy" (Retroafric, 2005)
A welcome collection of formative Afro-funk by a Sierra Leone bandleader who was a major influence on Nigeria's legendary Fela Kuti.

Geraldo Pino & The Heartbeats "Afro Soco Soul Live" (Soundway, 2005)
A vinyl-only release of more vintage Afro-funk by Geraldo Pino...

Geraldo Pino & The Heartbeats "Let's Have A Party" (Soundway, 2005)
A vinyl-only release of more vintage Afro-funk by Geraldo Pino...

The Psychedelic Aliens "Psycho African Beat" (Academy Records, 2010)
Cool vintage recordings of a Ghanaian band with an audacious mix of African funk and '60s-style American hippie rock -- soul rhythm riffs and soaring electric guitars worthy of a night at the Fillmore. Indeed, if it weren't for the African dialect, you'd be hard-pressed not to think that this was a board recording of one of the opening acts at a Big Brother & The Holding Company gig. This disc collects three rare singles that the band put out between 1970-71, gathered together courtesy of cratedigger Frank Gossner (of the band Squarepusher) who researched the group and found that several bandmembers were of non-Ghanaian backgrounds (perhaps explaining their affinity for American-style rock and soul...) The early songs are spaced-out jam sessions, without a lot of pop concision or melodic drive, but by time they recorded "Gbe Keke Wo Taoc," a clearer-cut, more aggressive, Fela-influenced Afrobeat sound emerges, although still with a little Summer Of Love twist. Not necessarily the most awesome Afro-pop ever, but definitely a nice time capsule... Nice to hear an entire album's worth of material by one of these long-forgotten bands, and not just have them sandwiched in on a compilation album.

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